Soundtrack for the Week: Faith Yebo - Still Beautiful Featuring Nikki Laoye

Today, I will be starting a new series: Soundtrack for the Week.  And because I know soundtrack might mean something else to you, I need to clarify what this series is about.

By Soundtrack, I don't mean the song was the theme song for a movie or similar production.  I mean that this is the song I want you to meditate on for the rest of the week.  Let it play in the background of your week, in the back of your mind while you get your hustle on (or take a break).  I think you get it now. :D

So, to kick off this new music series, we will start with Faith Yebo's single, Still Beautiful, featuring Nikki Laoye.  You can listen and download it here.

Without turning this into a song review, I love this song for the positive message, especially as it is wrapped up nicely in soft rock.  I also love Faith's voice and the convincing way she sings this song.  You believe that she means what she says.

However, what I would love to change is the songwriting for the verses, and some other parts e.g. the intro.  They need more work.  It sounds like too many words are being crammed into the verses and the word choices need to be revised to make it flow more smoothly.

Other than that, I am feeling this song. As you start this week, I encourage you to meditate on the lyrics in the chorus:
I'm still Beautiful
You're still Beautiful
I'm still Beautiful
Beautiful, Beautiful

More information on Faith Yebo:

Artiste's Real Name: Faith Yebo

Artiste's Stage Name: Faith Yebo

Connect with Faith:  Twitter | Facebook

Listen to more songs: Reverbnation

Oh, before I forget, Happy Passion Week!


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