Soundtrack for the Week: Take Five - Kileoleshe (Nothing is Impossible with God)

How was your weekend? I hope you got lots of rest. This week is one of those weird ones where one month ends and another begins.

As you mark the end of April and step into May, my prayer for you is contained in the chorus of today's soundtrack, Kileoleshe by Take Five.  It simply says:

Ki le o le she (What is impossible for You?)
Olorun mi (My God)
Ki le o le she o (What is impossible for You?)

Let those words play over and over again in your heart as you face this week and its challenges head on.  There is absolutely nothing impossible with God.

More information about Take Five:

Group's Stage Name: Take Five

Group Members' Real Names:
Jerry "J.Clone" Dauda, Jessica Abraham, Godwin Peter, Paul Iliya, Olatunji "Oooteejay" Olasehinde, Ephraim Haruna (a.k.a Ephraem Chene), Sarah Katai, Japhet Fai, Amara Bawa, Blessing Daniel

Connect with Take FiveFacebook | Twitter

Have a blessed week and Happy New Month in advance!

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