MUSIC: O ti J'Oba - Dimeji Olayinka-Israel and NCR Featuring Selma

Happy Good Friday!

Earlier this week, I was silently complaining to myself that unlike during the Christmas season, there are very few songs released for Easter by Nigerian gospel songs.

Until I checked my inbox and found this treasure.  Needless to say my complaining ended there and then.

Special thanks to Gbenga Awomodu for sharing this song with me.

I will stop yarning now and let the song speak for itself.

By the way, O ti j'oba is Yoruba for He is King.

Here is some more information on the song as well as additional links:

Although it wasn’t written to be an Easter song, nonetheless this Faaan-taa-stic song, “O TI J’OBA” By Dimeji & NCR is definitely an appropriate song for the Easter season. Easter is reminiscent of Jesus being enthroned as KING of all forever having conquered the devil. “O TI J’OBA” talks about Jesus becoming THE EVERLASTING KING that can never be dethroned. This song not only conveys a strong message that is guaranteed to bless you through its very poignant lyrics, but it is also excellently written, arranged and produced. Heart-gripping vocals and excellent musicianship; hands-down it is like nothing you have ever heard from any Nigerian Gospel Artist! You only have to listen to experience what the fuss is all about.


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