Cover Art Candy | Featuring Henrisoul, Faith Yebo, Gameman, KK, Provabs, Dr. Sankty, Fizzikal, EmJoy, Jessy McJessiey, Playne

Although I have seen some album / song / single cover artwork that I liked, I have not shared them here in a while.  But today, that changes.

Behold this week's selection of eye-catching artwork for singles, albums, etc by Nigerian gospel artistes! Nice, aren't they?  Well, I thought so too.  Let me know which ones you particularly liked or don't care for.  Yes, tastes vary so I expect that you won't like some of them.

If you come across any you think should be featured here, please send the link(s) to

Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Henrisoul - New Life Muzik

An illustration of Henrisoul wearing a red cap with a feather,
 rendered in nice, warm colors.  What's not to love?

2. Faith Yebo - Still Beautiful

Faith Yebo looks beautiful in this well-composed picture,
but the typography needs some work

3. KK - Nogere Featuring Gameman, 
Provabs and Dr. Sankty

Why was this included? The colors, of course! Black and Grey
with a pop of yellow:  That spells eye-catching in my dictionary.

4. Fizzikal - Wake Up

The sepia tones give this cover a certain "vintage" quality

5. EmJoy - Jamalo Shamalo

Can you imagine this in black and white?  Color makes all the difference in the world

6. Jessy McJessiey - Without You

Okay, this one should be obvious.  No, it's not the lip gloss.  It's the fact that it's illustrated.

7. Playne - My Worship

That pop of red made all the difference

*Image Sources: 1. Henrisoul // 2. Faith Yebo // 3. KK // 4. Fizzikal // 5. EmJoy // 6. Jessy McJessiey // 7. Playne


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