Lyrics + Yoruba to English Translation : O ti j'Oba - Dimeji Olayinka-Israel and NCR Featuring Selma

Happy Holy Saturday!  Yes, today is the day when in some parts of the world (e.g. Nigeria), people take sticks and flog Judas to punish him for betraying Jesus.  I am hoping nobody volunteered to be Judas for this sole purpose.  A stuffed pillow with a naughty face drawn on it will suffice, right?

Anyway, regardless of what you're doing today or this weekend, I hope you have a wonderful and blessed Easter.

I wanted to share with you, the lyrics and the Yoruba to English Translation for a song I shared in the previous post.  It's called O ti j'Oba by Dimeji Olayinka-Israel and NCR featuring Selma.

Special thanks for Gbenga Awomodu who graciously provided the lyrics and translation.  Even for a Yoruba speaker like myself, it was very helpful to see the translation instead of guessing what Oludande (Redeemer or Savior) for example, meant.

In case you missed it, here are the download links again:


Finally, the lyrics and translation:


O ti j'oba titi aye (He'sbeen crowned King)
Ko s'eni t'ole si ni'po (There's none who can depose him)

Olu dande wa (Our Saviour)
Okan soso omo olorun (The only One, Son of God)

O ti j'oba x3 (He's been crowed King)
E mu ade oba re wa (Bring forth His Royal Diadem)


Oba ibere ati opin (King of the beginning and the end)
Obo aiku ologo tio ni ipekun (Everlasting God, most-glorious, unending)

A wole, a teriba n'iwaju ite re (We bow down in reverence before your throne)
Oba ologo ju lo (Most-glorious God)


Kiniun eya Judah (Lion of the tribe of Judah)
Balogun wa (Our Warrior/Commander)
Gbongbo idile Jesse (The root of Jesse)
Olorioko (Head of the clan)
L'aye ati l'orun kosoba biire (On earth and in heaven, there's no king like you)
Iwo l'ologo ju lo (You are most-glorious)


Jesu ti j'oba x2 (Jesus has been crowned King)
B'araye fe, b'araye ko (Whether the world likes it or not)
Jesu ti j'oba (Jesus has been crowned King)
E mu ade oba re wa x2 (Bring forth His Royal Diadem)
B'araye fe, b'araye ko (Whether the world likes it or not)
Jesu ti j'oba (Jesus has been crowned King) 


Have a wonderful Easter!


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