No Beer Sold on Sundays at this Alabama Gas Station

Can you spot me in my yellow t-shirt?
I saw this sign taped onto a fridge when I was driving through Alabama this year:


It was right on the section of the fridge where the beer was chilling.  I happened to be there on a Sunday, so I just had to take this picture.  No beer sold on Sundays.  Really?

I don't drink alcohol, so even if it was a Monday, I wouldn't care.  But it got me thinking: what's so special about Sundays that a gas station in a small town would not sell beer on that day?

It turns out that the gas station was enforcing a law that was in effect.  It was one of several laws which are "relics of Prohibition and Blue Laws, which were designed to keep Sundays a holy day." [Source] These laws are not standard across the US, meaning that each state is different.

According to Wikipedia, the county I was driving through was one of the 26 counties (out of a total of 67 counties) in Alabama where the sale of alcohol is prohibited on Sundays.

Can you believe that? In 2014?

Well, at least they said Sorry.

Oh, Happy New Month. We are in May!


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