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For today's free downloads, there are three wonderful tracks from ThreadStone, a Christian rock band that started out in Jos, Plateau State in 2007.  The songs are: New Day (newest single), I am Nigeria (Original Version), and Miracle for a Lost City.  For more of their music, check out their ReverbNation Page.

ThreadStone | ReverbNation
The three-man band has the following members:

Ajay - Lead Vocals and guitar
Charles - Bass Guitar and Keys
Umar - Lead Guitar

Threadstone is widely regarded as Nigeria's Hottest Rock Band.  Do you agree or disagree?  Well, listen to the featured songs, and judge for yourself.  They are currently signed onto Loopy Music, the record label that is a subsidiary of Chocolate City.  

Oh, and before I leave, here is some more information on ThreadStone:

Band's Stage Name: ThreadStone

Band Members' Real Names: Ajay, Charles, Umar

Listen to more songs: ReverbNation 

Connect with ThreadStone: Twitter | Facebook | YouTube

Official Music Video on YouTube: Miracle for a Lost City

So, what's your favorite ThreadStone song, if any? For now, mine is New Day.

Have a blessed weekend!

Awesome sound!!!!! Love it!!!


Jenes:  That makes two of us.  New Day is my favorite out of the three songs.


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