OFFICIAL VIDEO: Gaise - The Movie Song (+ Chorus Lyrics)

GAISE is an Afrofusion artiste from Ekiti State in Nigeria.  His debut album, Gaise Baba was released in 2011.  Two of the most popular songs from that album are Follow Follow and The Movie Song.  The music video for the latter was released sometime last year.

Gaise // RevebNation

Using clips from the Jesus movie most Nigerians are familiar with (starring Robert Powell), Gaise tells the story of Jesus' birth, life, death and resurrection.  All in one song.  Although he mostly sings in Yoruba, I believe the message is still clear, i.e. the words in the hook that he repeats over and over again (translation follows each line in italics):

Jesu, omo Olorun ta a bi

Jesus, the Son of God, who was born

To ku, to ji, to de n pada bo

Who died, Who rose, and Who is coming back again

Mo f'aiye mi fun e

I give my life to You

Here is some more information on GAISE:

Artiste's Stage Name: GAISE

Artiste's Real Name: Gboluwaga Akinade Ibuoye 

Connect with ArtisteFacebook | Twitter 

Listen to more songsReverbNation

Buy Album:  iTunes

Finally, the music video.  Enjoy!

Hahahaha!!! This has to be the most creative gospel music video I have ever seen! I very much enjoyed it and was actually MOVED! The "uttered not a word and ignored their mockery" verse got me... I get sharp mouth small (._. ) very small. LOL

Imagine Gaise arriving in heaven and Jesus is like, "Dude, the song & video for Movie Song was amazing! I'm proud of you!!"

Ola Blessed

Ola Blessed: Really? Well, I am glad you enjoyed it. I'm sure Gaise would be pleased too. Lol at 'sharp mouth.'

The last paragraph? Your imagination will take you places sha! I didn't see that coming. For His sake, I pray it plays out like that.

Thanks for commenting o :D


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