Video Series: "The Diary of a Frustrated Interview" by Jide and Bayo Rotilu

Earlier this week, I got an e-mail from Africa Mars (now renamed 9Flix), a website I am subscribed to. They wanted me to check out a video series titled "The Diary of a Frustrated Interview."  So I watched the videos.  They were simply hilarious, and that's mostly because of the satirical angle employed.

Left to Right: Bayo Rotilu and Jide Rotilu 
According to the Huffington Post UK, The Diary of a Frustrated Interview is:

" ... an experimental comedy sketch created by FiveFourMedia and Lagos Central Productions. It's a satirical look at how our extremely 'busy friends' in HR handle job applications and interviews. This first season follows the quest of a job applicant 'Jide Kanni' and his ordeal through a series of five highly depressing Interviews.

The Diary of a Frustrated Interview was written and produced by MTV Africa Music Award Winner Jide Rotilu and his brother Bayo Rotilu, founder of Twelve05Photography. The series is a spoof of Human Resources and their 'mis-practices'. "

You can read more about this project here.

You can watch the all 5 episodes from Season 1 on their YouTube Channel.

I want the Rotilu brothers to consider making The Diary of a Frustrated Toaster next season.  It would feature a penniless university student who tries desperately to find Miss Right.  I would certainly want to watch that.

Regardless, they get two thumbs up from me.

Links: Twelve05Photography // Lagos Central on Facebook // FiveFour Media


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