Cover Art Candy: Episode 6

Every week,  various eye-catching designs for songs, albums and EPs by Nigerian gospel artistes will be showcased on this blog.  The idea is to highlight and appreciate the hard work and creativity of graphic artistes and designers who work behind the scenes towards the success of each project.  

Here is the 6th Edition.  The links at the very bottom will take you to the pages where you can download these songs.  

Let me know which covers you like.  Enjoy!

1. IBK Spaceshipboi - Light in me 
featuring TyChi

2. Florocka - Bragadaba 
(EP/Album: Impressions)

3. Benjizzy - You are the Reason

4. Bamidele - Forevermore 
(Album: Spread the Word)

5. GAISE - Little Drops

6. EmmaOhMaGod - 
How Great is Our God (Remix)

7. G-Eleos & Mac Roc - Inside Out


I would love to hear your thoughts. Please Share.

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