Makeup: What Age Should Nigerian School Girls Start Wearing it?

This might not be a big deal in America since schools usually allow girls to wear makeup.  It is quite normal to see girls in junior high (talk less of high school) wearing makeup.

However, in Nigeria, female students wearing makeup to school is generally forbidden.  If you went to primary and/or secondary school in Nigeria, can you imagine wearing makeup to school and your teachers' reaction? Assuming, of course, your parents (especially your mother) did not see your face that morning. Needless to say, that girl go chop cane taya!

In Nigeria, girls cannot wear makeup to school. They generally put multiple restrictions on the appearance of female students, and the aim is uniformity.  Some schools don't allow you to even retouch/relax your hair. Some insist on all girls cutting their hair really short.  Others require girls to braid their hair in a particular hair style every week.  No painting of nails. No long nails in some cases. And most certainly no makeup.

The point is to make everyone as uniform as possible.

What this means is that many girls don't officially start wearing makeup until they leave secondary school.  In other words, they 'regain' control of what they can do to their faces (while school is in session), when they attend institutions of higher education: universities, polytechnics, professional schools, etc. That is assuming they don't attend some of these Nigerian private universities that are even more restrictive than secondary schools. *Hiss*

Of course, some girls wear makeup during holidays even when they are in secondary school.  But not all parents subscribe to this.  Now, let us assume that more parents permit their daughters to wear makeup outside school, what age do you think girls can start wearing makeup?  I would say when they become teenagers (i.e. from age 13) just because at that age, more than likely they will be in senior secondary school.

Now, to get school authorities to see reason ... I'm dreaming, ba?

 What about you? Do you think girls should even wear makeup before they go to university? If yes, what age? Kindly share your thoughts.

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I really like the style and content of your blog. Great job. It will do you a lot of good to visit and follow the Legalnaija blawg where we inform Nigerians about their civil rights, duties and obligations under the law.‎ 

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Adedunmade: Thanks a lot. I'm glad you like it. I'll check out your blog too.

Hmm...scratching my head. That's a tough one. I'd say somewhere between 14 and 15. I wouldn't want my daughter to start too early, but I would want to be too strict either.

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