SONG REVIEW: Fadehan Adebolu, 'Ololufe'

I had shared this song last year in the post about introducing yourself to strangers.  But I never wrote the song review as promised.  Well, here I am today remedying that :-)

According to his ReverbNation page, which is where I discovered him, Fadehan Adebolu is a Pastor and gospel artiste based in Nigeria. His song, Ololufe caught my attention on one of my hikes through ReverbNation because it sounded like a simple, genuine, heartfelt prayer.  I'll elaborate more on my likes and dislikes in the review, but first of all, let's listen to Ololufe:


Likes:  The song reminds me of a hymn, and that was my first impression.  In fact, I wonder if some parts of it were not borrowed from an actual hymn.  I think the 'hymn vibe' I get from this song is mostly due to the strong piano / keyboard presence in the background.  I just can't shake it off.

The entire song (save for a minor part in the bridge) is rendered in Yoruba, and sounds like a prayer.  That is, until another person joins him after the bridge, and then it graduates to a duet of some sort.  The instrumental arrangement is typical of Sunday specials, but I particularly liked the drums.  I think they woke up the song in places where continuing with just the keyboard would have been monotonous.  The songwriting was kept very simple.  He used English lyrics at unexpected points in the song, and that kept it interesting.   

Dislikes:  My main gripe with this song is the artiste's vocals.  I think he could have sounded a lot better and that would have helped the song.  Inasmuch as I love duets, this one needs a lot of work because the person who joined Fadehan was vocally mis-matched with him.  Plus, he or she was singing in another key or something.  In short, that part needs to be re-worked. The idea to include a duet in that section of the song, was a beautiful one, but the execution was poorly done.  

Recommendations:  (1) Re-work the 'duet' part.  (2) Work on vocals. (3) Write more songs.

More Information on Artiste:

Artiste's Stage Name:  Fadehan Adebolu

Artiste's Real Name: Ademola Oluyemi Adebolu

Connect with Artiste: Twitter | Facebook | Website

Listen to more music: ReverbNation  | MySpace

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i totally agree with your review. On point. A better production could have made a difference. Beautiful review altogether

Naija Gospel Critic

Naija Gospel Critic: Thanks o! I think a lot of artistes can benefit from quality production. It really makes a difference.


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