SONG REVIEW: Stage One - Everything (Dry)

I introduced Stage One's latest single, Everything, on Sunday.  Now, for the review.  But just in case you have not heard (or downloaded) the song, you can download it here or below:


Likes:  One of the things I love about this song (and about Stage One's songs in general) is that I can pick out the lyrics without straining my ears. There was a part where the lyrics seem to be another language apart from English, but it was so brief that the overall message of the song was clear regardless.  

The arrangement was pretty simple.  The intro reminds me of a James Bond (007) movie soundtrack and the anticipation level was quite high from the beginning.  They kept the energy level constant throughout, so it was like sprinting after the 'calmer' initial intro.  The song was well-written, especially in keeping with the Christian Rock format.  

Dislikes:  It was predictable.  The brief pause came where I expected it to, and the rest of the song progressed as normal.  I would have liked some surprises. The drums also seemed weak. I could hear them, but somehow in the process of recording them, I think the drums were 'sort of' muted.  I think the song could have benefited with a bit more "umphh" from the drums.  Thankfully, the guitar made up for it.  

Recommendations: Try to be less predictable.  Introduce surprises every now and then, with vocals and/or instruments. Add lyrics in another language other than English.  

More information on Stage One:

Artiste(s) Stage Name:  Stage One

Artiste(s) Real Name(s): Nuhu Gaina, Joseph Jawfu, Yehoshua Odidi and Kachi Mozie

Connect with Stage One:  Facebook | Twitter

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