Relentless Travels: Cities and States I have visited in Nigeria

Although I spent most of my time in Lagos, I actually travelled to other parts of Nigeria while I lived there.  I still have at least 30 more states to visit :-) However, I have been to these towns and states (you better not laugh):

  1. Ipetumodu, Osun State (for acculturation in Secondary School)
  2. Ope, Edo State
  3. Ile-Ife, Osun State
And I suppose if you count the towns and states I had to cross to get to these places, then that should increase the number.  

As you can see, I am yet to visit Abuja, the Federal Capital :-(

So, which towns, cities, states in Nigeria have you visited?  This is your time to show off.  Don't squander it :D

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Sorry i have to laugh..

But, i am worse oh.

I've been to

2. Ogun
3. Ile-ife
4. somewhere in Ekiti
5. Ibadan(This counts too na)
6. Niger
7. Abuja airport (not abuja oh x_x)
8. Illorin
I think thats all.
Now listing it out, i've tried oo.. :)

Akibo Tommie

*holds laugh* well, let me do mine before i laugh. I've been to:
2. Osun
3. Ondo
4. Oyo
5. Lagos
6. Ogun, but erm, i think that might be all. I'll count towns jere. They'll be so much more lol. Eruwa, Shaki, Ilisan Remo, Iperu, Sagamu, Ago Iwoye, Abeokuta, Epe, Akure, Ikogosi, Odogbolu, Ile Ife, Gbongan, Osogbo, Ogbomoso, Ilobu etc lol

Not been to Abuja too *covers face*


Ok! Lets see now.. . I've been to Lagos (ok..I live here), Edo state (I schooled here), Nasarrawa (I served here)... Jos (NCCF Convention), Abuja (correction on NYSC cert.) and Abeokuta (Music Ministration)... LOL


Kai! We Naija people - we are not very adventurous o!

I have lived in Niger state, Delta state, Lagos state & Rivers state.

I have visited Enugu, Abia, Anambra, Kaduna, Abuja, Edo, Benue...these are the ones I can remember.

Fresh Angle


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