The Quiet Janders Are Not Yet Born

After writing this post on the things that identify janded students, it occurred to me that janding was really a big deal if other students knew you had janded.  In other words, travelling abroad or 'janding' was useless if your classmates were unaware of where you had been.

I think one of the reasons for this "make-noise-if-you-have-janded" mentality is the fact that travelling abroad is expensive.  So, if you don't have the money, you can't pull it off, talk less of taking your entire family with you.  Add to that 'visa wahala,' especially with certain countries, and travelling abroad becomes one of those things people aspire to.

Now, imagine a world where travelling abroad was so common that even the woman selling pepper in the market could pull it off every single week.  Would janding be such a big deal then? You know the answer.

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I think the real culprit is our orientation / mentality helped in no small measure by the way our country is. Some even rate oyiboland higher than heaven.

Abiola Olaleye


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