SONG REVIEW: Kabio'osi (Royalty) - Jid-Vocals, featuring Mqhele (Zimbabwean)

Jid-Vocals is a Nigerian gospel artiste, based in Ukraine.  He had already released a single titled 'None Compares' (see video below) earlier this year.  He is back with another single titled Kabio'osi (Royalty), a song written in English and Yoruba.  He features a Zimbabwean gospel artiste, Mqhele, on this track as well.

Kabio'osi (alternatively called Kabiyesi) is a Yoruba term/name used to address kings.  It means 'Unquestionable.'  This song is an expression of Jid-Vocals (and Mqhele's) 'take' on the fact that Jesus, the King of Kings, is unquestionable.

Jid-Vocals and Mqhele

Listen to 'Kabio'osi (Royalty) below:


Likes:  First of all, the overall quality of the song is quite good.  I would say WOW Beats did a good job with the mastering.  Second, the simplicity of this song is what makes it stand out.  There was no 'over-kill' with heavy beats, or any similar distractions.  It was just simple.

That reverb/echo effect worked wonders!  It transformed the song into a 'worship' song, especially when it was paired with the piano playing in the background.  Those little spots where harmony was used to emphasize certain words/qualities really accentuated the parts of the main vocalists. 

As for the vocals, I would say Mqhele's vocals complimented Jid-Vocals' vocals (Did I just say 'vocals' twice? *laughs*), and her soprano voice especially flowed with the overall simple, airy feel of the whole song. She really hit those high notes effortlessly! 

The song-writing was fine, and the background vocals were on point.  No complaints there.

Dislikes:  At the very beginning where Mqhele begins her solo, she sounded slightly off-key, but thankfully, it was very brief, and she soon recovered and was on point for the rest of the song.  

Recommendations:  None.  

Jid Vocals | ReverbNation

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 BONUS: Music Video for 'None Compares'


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