THIS Friday's Free Downloads | Featuring: Fonny Michael feat. Patricia Uwaje-King & Ibitayo Jeje, BNG, Son of Wonder (S.O.W)

Picking up from where I left off last week, three more singles are made available here courtesy of the artistes listed below:

Ke Nsinsi - Fonny Michael featuring 
Patricia Uwaje-King and Ibitayo Jeje

One of the artistes featured here today is Fonny Michael, whose single, Abasi Amanam, was one of last Friday's free downloads.  Her other single, Ke Nsinsi, is the first song I would like to introduce to you.  It features two other female gospel artistes: Patricia Uwaje-King (Member of Midnight Crew) and Ibitayo Jeje, fondly referred to as the Gospel High life queen.  KE NSINSI is a praise song that tells God that we will praise Him as long as we live. Special thanks to Victor Igbinigie of Gospogroove for sharing this track with me.

More information on the preceding artistes:

FONNY MICHAEL:  Real Name: Mfon Michael | Find her onTwitter | Facebook 

PATRICIA UWAJE-KINGFind her on: Twitter | Facebook | Official Website

IBITAYO JEJE: Find her onTwitter | Facebook

Fonny Michael | SoundCloud

Patricia Uwaje- King | Source

Ibitayo Jeje | Twitter

How Many - BNG

BNG, which is an acronym for Brand New Generation, is a Nigerian gospel group composed of three guys, Daro, Patrick and Nosa.  The group has been around since 1996 but they did not record their first album until 2000 [Source].  BNG's How Many, a single they released a few months ago, is our second free download.  My first encounter with BNG's music was through their funny music video for their Christmas song, Manger King, which I came across a few years ago.

BNG | Source

Even though we are just a few months away from Christmas, today's song "How Many" is not 'Christmas-inclined' but is a very danceable track.  Take note also, that BNG produced the video for Fonny Michael's Abasi Amanam.  Multi-talented, ba?

Group's Stage Name: BNG [Brand New Generation]

Members' Real Names: Daro Umaigba, Patrick Edwards, Nosa Umaigba

Praise is what I do - Son of Wonder (S.O.W) 

Our final download for this Friday is from up and coming artiste, Son of Wonder (S.O.W).  He was kind enough to share his single, Praise is what I do, with me a few months ago, and I decided to share it with you guys today.  Enjoy!

Son of Wonder | Source

Artiste's Stage Name: Son of Wonder [S.O.W]

Artiste's Real Name: Zakari Onagie Agbede

Connect with S.O.W: Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud | ReverbNation

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That Ke Nsinsi song just make sense gann! Love it

i agree with Michael, that song is so on point abi on decimal ni? Lol, thanks for sharing


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