THIS Friday's Free Downloads | Featured Artiste: Justice Ark

I know I say this a lot on this blog, but I cannot say it enough:  'Thank You' to all the artistes who make their music available for free.  A lot of work, time, sweat, etc goes into producing each track, and it's commendable that they're giving there 'work' away for free.  From my heart to yours, 'E se!"

Justice Ark | ReverbNation

So, today's featured artiste is Justice Ark.  I still do not know his real name, but I am quite interested in his music.  Here is some information on Justice Ark:

Artiste's Stage Name: Justice Ark

Artiste's Real Name: Unknown

Connect with Artiste: Twitter | Facebook | YouTube

Three of his songs are featured here:  Ozor, Mercy featuring Jay R, and Goodbye.  Enjoy!


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