6 Artistes You Should Listen to This Week

Today, I will be introducing a new series on this blog.  Every week, I will share 6 Nigerian gospel / christian artistes that I recommend for you to listen to, followed by a hand-picked song from each artiste. If you have any artistes in mind, you can e-mail their music and information to music@therelentlessbuilder.com.

To kick off this series, check out the following artistes (Don't forget to leave a comment):

1.  MISTA SETH - Har'abada

Mista Seth is both a music producer and gospel artiste.  Originally from Jos, Plateau State, he now lives in Abuja where he operates his own recording studio, Mista Seth's Kitchen.  His focus is almost exclusively R n B and his skill in this particular genre has clearly improved over the years.  His debut 19-track album "My Everything" was released back in 2011.  Har'abada is one of my favorite songs from that album.  Listen below:

2. VINCHY OKOLIE - Izurukeme

Vinchy Okolie is a gospel artiste based in Asaba, Delta State. His mid-tempo rock single, Izurukaeme is rendered in (mostly) Igbo and English, and is a powerful introduction to Vinchy's abilities as a vocalist and a musician.  Listen below:

3. NOLLY - Ndewo

Nolly is a rapper.  He raps.  What else can I say? Oh yes, he is a member of CIA.  They also rap.  However, Nolly stands out in my mind because he is clearly proud of his culture, and it is reflected in his music.  He delivers his lines in both English and Igbo, and you can tell that he takes his craft seriously.  His latest single is Ndewo, and I thought it was only fair to share (oh, that rhymes! I am a rapper too):


[Left to Right]: Emmykokz & Haychbeatz

Emmykokz and Haychbeatz are artistes I just discovered this year, and I wish I had found out about them earlier.  My introduction to them was through their single / collabo titled Kpangolo.  For some reason I have seen them both appear on similar tracks after that song was released and I certainly look forward to hearing more from them next year.  I can't commend Kpangolo enough for the socially conscious gospel embedded in that song, but you can read my review here and listen to it below:

OJAY - Forgiven

Ojay was certainly one of my best discoveries this year.  He sent me his Mixtape, Forgiven, which I featured here, and within days, one of the singles from that mixtape (Forgiven) shot to the top of my iTunes playlist. Yes, it was that good.  I keep asking myself why all those songs are free, but hey, I'm not complaining. This guy is talented and he has a solid understanding of his musical ability.  If you have not listened to Forgiven, do yourself a favor and listen to it below:

6. DONSAM - Pada Wale

Donsam is another gospel artiste I just discovered this year.  His single, Pada Wale is a pleasant combination of soul, jazz and gospel.  Admittedly, the songwriting and some parts of the delivery need some work, but I thought it was worth sharing.  Oh, Pada wale literally means 'Come back home' in Yoruba.  Listen here:

Is there any Nigerian gospel or Christian artiste you think we should be listening to? Don't keep it to yourself! Please share links in the comment section or send an email to music@therelentlessbuilder.com.  Thanks in advance.

*Image Sources: 1. Mista Seth // 2. Vinchy Okolie // 3. Nolly // 4. Emmykokz & Haychbeatz // 5. Ojay // 6. Donsam


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