"God Provides" is the Name of a Secondary School in Enugu

These are NOT students of "God Provides"

Note:  These are not students of "God Provides."

Seriously, I did not make this up.  I came across the name of this school last year and could not believe it.  It is called "God Provides Secondary School" or GPSS for short and it is located in Enugu State. This is definitely at the top of my list of odd names for schools.  But then again, no be Naija? Should anything surprise you?

What I want to know is: Whose idea was this?  What other name choices were on the table before they settled for this one?  These and many more questions are still hanging in the air.

Meanwhile, I think we should be grateful that it was not named Jehovah Jireh Secondary School.  At least, they chose the English version.

Have you come across odd names for Nigerian schools?  Please share.

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Lol! I heard of a primary school called M.D Nursery and Primary School in Lagos the M.D is supposedly a short form for Mummy and Daddy!



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