THIS Friday's Free Downloads | Featured Artistes: FLO (feat. Nsikak), Tex, Tim Godfrey

How did the first week in October go?  Fine, I hope.  Well, to cap off the week, here are three free songs courtesy of the following artistes: FLO, Tex, and Tim Godfrey.

God Alone - FLO featuring Nsikak

FLO | ReverbNation

The first song titled God Alone by FLO features Nsikak (also called 'The String Priest') on the guitar.  They make a good team on this track.  Now, this song has been around for a while (about 8 months), but I only just got round to posting it here.  Needless to say I am just waiting to get my hands on Flo's 2012 'Sanctioned' Album ASAP.  I'll be patient till then.

Here is some more information on FLO:

Artiste's Stage Name: FLO

Artiste's Real Name:  Akinwunmi Nathan Oluniyi Akiremi

Connect with FLO:  Official Website | Twitter | Facebook

Listen to more music:  ReverbNation | SoundCloud | YouTube

And some more information on Nsikak:  Twitter

The Letter - Tex

Tex | Twitter

The second song is called The Letter by up and coming gospel rap artiste, Tex.  Tex, originally from Abia State, is based in Abuja.  He studied Psychology at the University of Ebonyi, but is actively pursuing a career in music.  His song, The Letter, was produced by Mekoyo.  Here is some more information on Tex:

Artiste's Stage Name: Tex

Artiste's Real Name: Obioma Onwukwe

Connect with Tex: Twitter | Facebook

Listen to more music: ReverbNation

Ekelebe - Tim Godfrey

Tim Godfrey | SoundCloud

Tim Godfrey is no newcomer to the Nigerian gospel music scene.  His new single, Ekelebe, is the third and final free download for today.  Here is some more information on Tim Godfrey:

Artiste's Stage Name: Tim Godfrey

Artiste's Real Name: Tim Godfrey (Unconfirmed)

Connect with Tim:  Twitter | Facebook 

Listen to more music: ReverbNation | iROKING | YouTube

Buy Album(s): iTunes

Have a great weekend y'all!

We thank God, I am still alive; school has not finished me yet. lool. How are you?

I LOVE Mr. FLOrocka!!! His voice is so anointed and I am yet to see a bad track from him (maybe he just doesn't release them; lool). I'm most definitely in line with you for his album. As for Mr. Godfrey, I'm convinced he has the best instrumentalists. Tex's song is already in my repertoire of "Things Aunty Relentless introduced me to"

Have a wonderful week!
p.s: how do I get a notification whenever someone else comments back?


Hey hun, its been a while.hope u are good? When are we having our next friday free download?


Toin: Yes, I am o! Thanks for checking up on me :-) And you?

Dayo: I am good o, thanks for asking. The Free Downloads will resume two Fridays from now. I hope that answers your question :-)

Dayo: I believe you need to sign up for an account with Disqus and then you can get notified when there's a reply to your comment.

I am doing great o! Thanks a lot for asking. School cannot finish you now; it has to be the other way round.

FLO has a lot of experience and has carved a niche for himself by sticking to a particular genre: Christian rock. I guess that has worked well for him.

The hook in TEX's song is unforgettable. And while I am not crazy about the Ekelebe song, Tim Godfrey is definitely a force to reckon with as far as Nigerian gospel music is concerned.

I'm glad you loved the songs. Stay tuned for more!


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