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One question you should never stop asking yourself is this: What do I want to be when I grow up? You thought writing a whole composition (essay) to answer this question in primary school was the end? Oh no, Chuks! I am assuming that if you are reading this, you no longer watch Sesame Street (at least, not as much as you used to) and you know Santa Claus does not exist.  The issue here though is not the 'growing up' part.  It's the "What I want to be" part that I want to focus on today.

Regardless of where you are today, you can take that one step towards fulfilling your dreams.  Granted, you will need to take more than one step, but that first step is the most crucial.  The problem is that many of us keep sitting down, waiting and hoping for a sign from heaven, waiting for all the ducks to line up in a row, waiting for the perfect timing, before we take that step.

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Unfortunately, time waits for no man.  While you were busy giving excuses as to why you should not do that "thing" right now (e.g. start writing that book, write that song, learn that sport, start cloning racoons) others got up, did it, and now you're admiring their work on Facebook and wondering how they became so skilled overnight.  The answer is staring you in the face: they took the first important step.  And they kept working towards their goals.  You nko? What are you waiting for?

You said you would do "that thing" after graduation. Ehen, graduation has come and gone.  Now what? Okay, you shifted the goal post and said you would do it when you got married.  Now you are married. Now what? Okay, you decided that you would do it after having your first child(ren).  When the children came, you started asking yourself where you would find the time to do "that thing" and you began to wish you were single again.  At least you had more free time for your own projects.  You get where I am going with this, right?

Stop giving yourself excuses.  The bible says that "ALL hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads to poverty." (Proverbs 14:23).  Merely talking (or worse still, dreaming) about the things you want to accomplish in life will get you no where.  Hard work is not just taking major steps at random intervals.  Taking small steps consistently is also hard work.  Consistently working towards your goals is much better than sitting down and waiting for the perfect time to work towards the same goals.

Stop saying "I will do it tomorrow" or worse still "The day after tomorrow."  Tomorrow is not promised to any one of us.  Start TODAY.  I once heard someone say that "God will not do for you what you can do for yourself," and I agree with that statement.  God has created you (and I) to do certain, definite things on this earth, and while you cannot downplay the spiritual aspect to fulfilling your purpose, I don't think we (especially Christians) emphasize the practical aspect well enough.  You should always start with God.  But when God has spoken, for goodness sakes, MOVE! You have just one life to live (no, not the soap opera jare).  Start living it.

P. S.  If you have been looking for a sign to start that project, this is it.  Get to work TODAY!

Featured Artiste:  Olufunmi

Olufunmi was featured on a previous post.  You can read more information on her HERE.  Another one of her songs, "Were ni" is featured here today.  I like this version of that timeless song and I pray it encourages you today as much as it has encouraged me.

The chorus pretty much summarizes the idea behind the song, i.e. "Were lo ba mi se" which means that God did it for me just like that / easily.  In other words, she sings that the things she (and others) thought were impossible, God did them for her just like that / easily.  If you have an alternative translation, please share it with me.

That is all folks.  Have a blessed day!

wise words. now is the best time to do anything
nice song too.....though i only understand the "were ni"

Ok, seriously lady, get outta my head this minute!

You're pychic ba? or has someone been giving you snoops about my life ni? Anyways, i know this. I know it so well and i was reminded this past week. So help me God. #sigh

On Point! Prov 14:23 is written in my journal and its a constant reminder for me everyday to get moving.

Love 'Were Ni'. Used to listen to it a lot like 2 years ago. I think I mmight resume again. Hehe. Thanks for sharing Relentless.

I must add, discipline is never sweet but the end results deliver sweet results.

Thanks for this. I am not normally a procrastinator sha, but I have been delaying on my next book and I need to get up and just start writing.

Piercing... Thanks for this ma :)


as in that procastination tin ehh...smh!!!

Lue: Yes, there is no time like the present to get "that" thing done.  Glad you liked the song and that the translation helped, even if it was just for that "Were Ni" part.  

Toin: *singing into Toin's ears* "I ain't going nowhere" *cackles*

I am not psychic at all, but I get your drift.  However, I am really thankful that this somehow resonated with you, and reminded you of something you needed to get done.  After the sigh, I hope you started werk o!

Michael: Would you look at that? Right in your journal ... In your own handwriting ... LOL! See confirmation.  It's great to know this hit home for you.  

So you know "Were Ni", as in, Olufunmi's version like that? Interesting.  You're welcome.

I LOVE that last line o.  I just might borrow it one of these days.  Very true.

Atilola: Second book already? Wait ... But it's true sha.  You might as well.  I am glad this was somehow encouraging to you.  Get to work!

Dew:  Really? Well, I am glad you found it "piercing."  And you're so welcome :D

Sugarspring: Omo, procrastination is a really bad habit o, but as with any habit, it can be changed.  Glad you liked it.  

Ayo Matuluko: Quite true.  There is no time like the present.  Thanks for stopping by!

Lol @ cloning raccoons :p

You are so right-- I have been procrastinating... my life in short. I've heard that one must learn to "do it afraid" but it just passes thru one ear and goes out the other, so I'm beginning to think that "this kind [of negative behaviour] can only come out by fasting and prayer" :/

Chibi Takaya

Chibi: Yes, cloning racoons, shay? LOL!

You know that "Do it afraid" that you mentioned, I heard it from one of these female preachers (I can't remember which one: Joyce Meyer, I think it was). Fasting and Prayer are good to start with, but you need to put into practice whatever instructions you receive from that. In short sha, it's a process.

Naija4life: Very well said, and I like that quote. Thanks for visiting.

"Procrastination they say is a thief of time"

Great words of wisdom.



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