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First off, I want to celebrate with Michael of @moifrequency.  The occasion? His blog is up and running again after a nasty scare.  Hallelujah!

I have personally heard a few Nigerians say that “oyinbo man sabi packaging.”  I agree.  However, I don’t think “packaging” is a peculiar skill you’re born with.  It can definitely be learnt.  By packaging, I am of course referring to how you present a product, i.e. in a way that is attractive to potential customers while still ensuring that the product is functional and of good quality (Whoa! What a mouthful, but you get the gist, ba?) In the context of music CDs, I am referring to the album cover / album art.  I don’t know why, but I have often seen a good album with a (for lack of a better word) “crappy” album cover.  Inasmuch as I purchase most of my music online nowadays, the album cover is still a major factor in helping me decide whether or not to even preview the songs in an album. 

This is where Graphics design would be very useful.  I am not sure the folks who design these album covers have any formal training (not that it is necessary, but it could be useful).  I am guessing that they are skilled at using the various software for graphics design, and that is it.  I hate over flogging the issue, but there is a glaring lack of creativity here as well.  And of course, since we are dealing with Nigerian gospel music, you can be sure that there are even more serious offenders.  The reason why I said that is because we (Christians) tend to come up with the same ideas for album covers.  Let me illustrate (here we go!)

How many times have you seen an album that has the words “Holy” or “Grace” or “Presence” in the album title and the album cover is something like a white dove flying towards Sister Patience who is dressed in her Sunday best (either a suit, complete with a hat OR traditional wear complete with head tie)? I can see you nodding.  If it is a group of men, they are usually wearing suits and walking (in slow motion) towards you.  If the album has anything to do with prayer, you can bet there will be a bible and/or rosary and/or two hands closed in prayer *smh*

I get that these are possible ideas reflecting what the songs on the album are about, but I refuse to believe that in the whole of Nigeria, these are the only possible examples of album covers for songs dealing with grace, mercy, prayer …. You get my drift, right?

Well, since I have to count my blessings, I thank God that I have not seen the following potential album covers:

  • A man holding a very long koboko and using it to cane a child (or, God forbid, another “adult.”) That album would be titled “DELIVERANCE!”
  • Agege bread and Zobo side by side for an album titled “COMMUNION” (Ah, I would not be shocked to see this at all!)
  • Two policemen dragging a thief off to jail for an album titled “JUSTICE.”

Ironically, even if these “ideas” don’t make it to gospel music album covers, they could be Nollywood movie covers! *smh*

Featured Artiste: Ozichi

Today’s featured artiste is Ozichi. She is a gospel musician and songwriter.  That is important because not all musicians are songwriters. Dat na extra talent!

Ozichi / ReverbNation
I came across her music via P.I.T.A (who was featured on the very first post on this blog) on Facebook.  I like her vocal quality and energy, and would love to hear more songs from her because it looks like she is focused and knows where she is headed musically.  I also hope (if she reads this) that she will take my advice and come up with an album cover that is attractive and reflects her personal style.

Alright, without any further mis-yarning, please see more information on Ozichi below:

Artiste’s Stage Name:  Ozichi

Artiste’s Real Name: Ijeoma Ozichi Omotade

Featured Song: Original 9ja (Naija)

Original 9ja (Audio):

Have a great week y’all!

I agree...creativity these days seem to have been locked in the box in our part of the world. While I hardly pay particular attention to music CDs, I think the research articles I have read from Nigeria says alot on this aspect. Some pruning seem needed. We must start doing things outside of the box.
Nice ideas :)


Research articles? Really? Could you share them with me? I would really appreciate it.  I don't think creativity is locked away as much as artistes may not realize that they can be creative ... or that they need to be.  It's a mindset thing really and that means it can be changed.

Seriously...for the love of my tummy.It is 12:30am here and you're making me giggle this hard. The Deliverance and Communion part really got me laughing

You're actually on point. There's little or no creativity these days. Thank goodness the music videos are trying but Gospel videos need a lot of improvement..a lot.
Thank for mention. Appreciate.

mikesfrequency and your overactive imagination, zobo and agege bread ke, i like this artist, and she is real pretty too

LOL! Laughter is good for you now. It does you good like medicine - na Bible talk am.  I am telling you I would not be surprised to see it.  When you take your two koro-koro eyes to see it, remember Relentless warned you o!

Yes, the music videos are definitely way better than they used to be.  You can actually see the hard work and dedication that the music video producers put into the videos nowadays.  I suppose knowing how to use technology to their advantage has not hurt either.  But, there is always room for improvement like you said.  That's the path to excellence.  

As per the mention, you are welcome!

My imagination, ba? May God help me.  The things my mind conceives .... Hmmm .... 

I like Ozichi too (which is why I featured her here) for her musical talent.  And she is pretty too.  I guess that doesn't hurt either :)

Every market is saturated and the love of cheap articles/service on the part of consumers discourages service providers from going all out for the best. but the truth remains that 'na packaging seperate guguru from popcorn!

The Pet Projects

Ha! God bless you for the guguru vs. popcorn comment ... LOL! That's a very good way of describing this whole packaging business.  I might have to borrow this your quote larer.  Thanks in advance :)

But there are also limited resources to consider.  The US alone generates a huge chunk of the world's waste products. And na dem sabi packaging well well.   However I don't think money is the problem here, but just the lack of creativity.  A little extra effort will go a long way.


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