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This will be a short post, and I won't write any music review today.  But, I will still share some music though :-)

Sometime last year, I saw a couple of videos produced by ESSPIN, i.e. Education Sector Support Programme in Nigeria. Their major aim is to make sure that the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) are achieved.

Here are a few facts about teachers in Kaduna, courtesy of ESSPIN:

  • There are approx 39,000 primary school teachers employed, 18,400 of whom are female.
  • The Kaduna primary pupil/teacher ratio is 25:1 and 47:1 when considering only qualified teachers
  • At SSS level the pupil teacher ratio is 21:1 and the pupil to qualified teacher ratio of 25:1
  • Approx 19% of all teachers in the State received training in the last 12 months***
Before you start to yawn or your eyes start to glaze over, let me go straight to the point.  The video I am sharing below is a glimpse into the state of education in Kaduna State.  Starting from around 2:12, they emphasized teacher training as being critical to the development of education.  I couldn't agree more.  The quality of education students receive is only as good as the quality of teachers they have.  And if the teachers are clueless, let's just say it's ALL OVER for the students.  This cannot be over-emphasized.

Can you imagine having an English teacher who constantly misspells words and makes grammatical errors like no man's business?  Who will correct the damage that teacher will do to his/her students?  Not everyone gets a second chance to correct wrong doctrines that poorly-trained teachers have passed onto their unfortunate students.  Okay, let me stop blabbing.  Enjoy the video (so much for a "short" post sha)!

Featured Artiste:  Steve Willis

Steve Willis / ReverbNation

I mentioned that one of my favorite songs is Kauna Allah by Jeremiah Gyang.  Well, I came across a similarly-titled song: Kaunan Yesu (I assume that means "The love of Jesus") by Steve Willis, and that song is featured here today.  It struck me as a simple, worship song in Hausa.  Please listen to Kaunan Yesu below:

Finally, before I leave (and before Benadryl lulls me off to La-la land), here is some brief information on Steve Willis:

Artiste's Stage Name:  Steve Willis

Artiste's Real Name: Steve Willis

Connect with Steve Willis:  Facebook, Twitter

And now, I shall succumb to sleep and dream of a pollen-free world, auto-tune-free world, a world where bees and humans .... *snoring loudly*

***Source:  ESSPIN

Education in Nigeria #sigh

You know, i was actually beginning to yawn when i saw "Before you start to yawn or your eyes start to glaze over" Don't mind me, i see numbers and i tune out *coversface*

Toin: LOL! See I caught you red-handed.  I do the same thing when I see statistics, which is why I kept it short ... or tried to ... Hmmmm 

Humm, my dear....where do we start on our education system, I read an article earlier this week and that inspired me to do a little analysis on our contribution to the UK education system. Through international student tuition payment by Nigerians, we would have contributed 824Trillion naira by 2015, can you imagine if that money is spent on the development of our education sector.


You have just provided me with inspiration for another post.  God bless you plenty! 

I suspect that the figure you mentioned might even be under-estimated.  Honestly.  If you consider the fact that many Nigerian students in the US alone pay out-of-state tuition, which can be as high as 3 times the cost in-state tuition, then you know we account for a good chunk of international students fees here.  I won't even bother adding the tuition of professional schools to it cos that one na anoda matter.  Aside from tuition, what about cost of living, and even the income Nigerian professionals and business people generate over the course of their lives in the diaspora?  Brain drain doesn't do justice to what is truly going on.  

You are so right! When the ones that are supposed to train others are clueless what do you expect of the trainees? It's not today I started saying that the whole so called education thing in Nig should be thoroughly revamped

MsJB: Long time o! How are you? 

Yes, the educational system needs to be revamped from the bottom upwards.  But, who's willing to put in the work? And how much progress can we make without cooperation from the government? Questions needing answers ma'am *sigh*


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