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There is a proverb that goes along these lines:

Twenty Children cannot play together for twenty years

What that means is that you need to know when your part in people's lives is done, i.e. when to make a graceful exit.  But that's the problem: how do you know WHEN to say "deuces" and beat it? I am not only referring to 'love relationships' here, but rather, friendships in general.  At what point do you decide that this is how far we shall go with our friendship, go your way, and I'll go my way?  You're trying to process it, ba? Me too.

In certain situations, deciding when to jabbor your friends is a no-brainer.  For example, I can understand the need to avoid a person who keeps bad and even destructive habits so that they don't rub off on you, e.g smoking, excessive drinking, drugs (non-prescription of the 'igbo' (marijuana) variety), etc.  Bad communication corrupts good manners, like they say. But how would you 'avoid' that person if he or she was a member of your own family? Complicated, huh? I thought so too.

If you'd think about it, you might realize that more friends have jabbored you than vice versa.  And when I say jabbor, I mean cut you off completely.  No phone calls, no texts, no e-mails, no chain e-mails with threats or even those annoying forwards. Nope.  Not even a post card. In my case, one major recurring factor that has been the precursor to the cold exit is MARRIAGE.  Yup! Once my friends (female of course; The male ones I just avoid on my own for the sake of peace) get married, most of them just fashi my side.  I've told myself that I won't do it when it's my turn, but when we get to that stage, we'll see, won't we? Now, it's your turn.  What is the deciding factor for you to "un-friend" people? Or do you just let your friendships die natural deaths? 

Featured Artiste: Provabs

My initial introduction to Provabs' music was sometime around 2009 when I heard his collabo with Ige  (Dupe Kachi) in a song called "Kosi."  Honestly, I did not think much about his music again, but I noted that for months after that he was getting more airplay and appearing in more music videos. 

Provabs / I Want Airplay
Then last month (March), I came across his new single with another gospel artiste (Eve L), titled 'I Surrender.'  After listening to that song, I wanted to get my hands on his latest album.  It has not been released yet, but this was my motivation:  I could tell that this guy had grown musically.  You can listen too and judge for yourself.  So, my friends, 'I Surrender' is today's featured song, and you can listen to it below:


Likes: This is one of the few hip-hop songs where I actually prefer the rap to the hook.  It's also lyrically sound, i.e. the lyrics make sense (listen closely) and he successfully combines artistry (take note of how he lingers on the words in specific portions) with sound lyrics.  The beats are infused with an African rhythm, fun to listen to and you get the sense that this is a collabo that actually works between Provabs and Eve L.

Dislikes: Inasmuch as he hits the ground running in the intro, the intro part "Oluwa s'anu mi" comes off as being harsh for whatever reason.  It gets better though and you warm up to the song as it progresses.  

Recommendations: Reduce "harshness" of the sound at the intro.  

Here's some more information on Provabs:

Artiste's Stage Name: Provabs

Artiste's Real Name: Aina Olasubomi Anthony

Connect with ProvabsFacebook | Twitter

Explore Music from Provabs:  I Want Airplay | ReverbNation

Do I really need to remind you that it's Good Friday today? Well, I just did :-) Have a Happy, Festive, Restful Easter and remember amidst all the faaji that we are celebrating Jesus Christ, the Risen Savior.  That's the Good News, the Gospel, and it is worth shouting about. I still don't know why the Easter bunny cannot find another holiday to colonize. Hiss! Happy Easter jare.


Letting go aint easy at times. 

This guy (provabs) is my neighbour

In other matters, please, can you remove your diquss, since blogger platform now comes with the 'reply comment' thing.

It will make life easier for us. Thanks

Yea, marriage does that too. Well, since I'm pretty terrible when it comes to calling, I basically keep in touch on bb (God bless bb) I've also realised that some friends are just seasonal so it's no use trying to cultivate em when the season is over. Natural death happens a lot. I however have some friends that no matter how long we stay apart, wen we c, it feels so natural & we catch up on everything

Atilola:  Provabs is your neighbor? Wow! Would you look at that?! Small world, isn't it? I didn't even see that one coming.  I forgot artistes actually live in real houses ... LOL!

Yes, letting go is not easy, but has to be done.  Sometimes.  

Thanks A LOT for the feedback on Disqus! You know I didn't know it was making it difficult to comment sha.  I'll consider removing it.  Thanks again for letting me know.  

Toinlicious: Yup! Marriage certainly is a factor.  Ha, so you don't keep up with phone calls? But you make up for it on BB? At least, you keep in touch. What about your BB-less friends now? They're on their own, abi?! LOL! Now, what you said about friends being seasonal, that's quite interesting ... and true.  I have experienced it too, and those friends that you just flow with no matter the length of the break in transmission ... Priceless!

Friends come and go. Some, we'd learn the hard way, are for a season. The fact that we once jumped school fence together and drank back-washed fanta in secondary school does not mean it'll be lasting. People do change...we change and so does the reason to be friends also.

I guess as your circumstances in life change so does your choice of friends. It's only natural that we find ourselves making new friends, for example when we get married, move home or move to a new country, change in social status, get a new job etc. 

Unfortunately as you make new friends, you may lose others on the way, depending on how strong the friendship was in the first place. That's just the way it is.


Michael: Yes, they do.  We just have to know when the season of friendship is over, and we need wisdom to let people go or cultivate existing friendships.  LOL at your illustrations.  Is this a mini-confession? *side eye*

Nnaija4life:  First off, WELCOME BACK!!! You were certainly missed in Blogsville.  I hope your Easter break was very refreshing and rewarding.

It's funny that you'd mention social status as a factor to consider here because some people may not understand this.  And it actually works both ways: losing friends due to a fall in a person's social status or gaining friends due to a rise in social status.  In your words, "that's just the way it is."


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