Will Lesson Teachers / After-School Tutors Always Be Relevant or Become Obsolete?

I know you're probably wondering what happened to me.  It'll remain a secret for now. However, I wanted to thank everyone who checked up on me via Twirra, left comments, etc.  Thanks a lot! And Compliments of the Season too.  *starts singing* Wee Wee Chu .... But before Christmas lands here, let's iron out today's topic.

Generally, most Nigerian students (Primary to Secondary School) have very long school days.  That's because after school, they usually attend 'lesson,' which is basically 'after-school' tutoring.  The venue for these tutorials varies, depending on the options parents settle for - school classrooms (which are pretty much vacant after school), a teacher's home, a teacher's rented 'lesson' space, the child/student's home.  Regardless of where a student attends lesson, the consensus seems to be that lesson is just as important as regular school classes.  In other words, it is no longer viewed as just a supplement to regular classroom instruction.  Rather, it has become a necessary part of the Nigerian child's education.

What I find particularly interesting is the fact that lesson is not free. Oh no.  Parents have to pay extra lesson fees to the tutor or lesson teacher, separate from regular school fees.  What this means is that for the child whose parents cannot afford to hire a lesson teacher or pay for extra lessons, he is pretty much on his own.  The reason why lesson is not free is because it is an extra part of the child's education.  Many times, the lesson teacher is not the same as the underpaid, overworked class teacher.  In fact, lesson teachers are sometimes unemployed/under-employed university graduates, and sometimes even university students trying to make extra money on the side. Can you blame them?

I believe lesson has evolved into the necessity that it is, mostly because of deficiencies in our educational system.  But, let's imagine for one minute, that the standard of education in Nigeria rose to say, a more acceptable height - define that however way you like: much better SSCE, NECO, JAMB, GCE results.  In that case, the question then becomes, why do we still need lesson teachers?

In other words, if Nigeria's educational system was to improve radically over the next couple of years, do you think we would still need lesson teachers, or would that somehow make them obsolete? (Long question, I know, but I would appreciate your feedback).

I'll stop here.
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Lesson teachers will always be relevant. They were relevant when education was really cool in the past, and will always be. Even kids in developed countries take extra lessons.


I think private tutors will always be there. even though,the educational system in Nigeria improves... Some kids,needs extra pushing and that's where,the private tutors comes in.

Nicholas Beckie

i live in the uk and intend to get a private tutor for my children when they start school...one can never know too much book....

so i don't think it is only a Nigerian educational issue...more like a personal issue..well in my opinion.

happy new year


Parents have no control of who teachers their children in school but they can decide who they engage privately. We started www.naijateachers.com for this purpose.



Atilola: I agree. Kids will always need extra help with their classes because not all kids learn at the same pace.

Nicholas Beckie: That extra push, like you rightly pointed out, is the private tutors job. Plus, some children also need them to better explain what the class teacher taught. Some class teachers end up confusing their students. The lesson teacher's job is to untangle the mess somehow.

Aloted Omoba: Lol @ knowing too much book. Very true (even though kids will argue otherwise). Happy New Year too! Na real belated one from me, but accept it all the same :-) Or we can call it an advance on 2014.

Yemi: You're right, and I like how you put it too. Parents get to hand-pick their children's lesson teachers. But with class teachers, they don't have a choice.

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Manish kumar verma


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