This Friday's Free Downloads | Featuring Mosadi Kanjji and Tehila Crew

I recently learnt that it pays to stick with what works.  Before I started blogging, I used to spend hours on ReverbNation looking for new music.  I was literally on Cloud 9 whenever I discovered not just new artistes, but those with quality music.  I had not done this hunting in a while, but over the weekend, I decided to go back to my old habit, and guess what? It paid off!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the two sets of artistes featured in our Friday series: Mosadi Kanjji and Tehila Crew.  Let's meet them.

Mosadi Kanjji - 'Amure' and 
'I No Fit Shout'

David Thomas a.k.a Mosadi Kanjji // Facebook

On ReverbNation, he is known as Mosadi Kanjji, but his real name is David Akintayo Adebiyi Thomas.  Does he look familiar to you? He should.  He used to be a member of Infinity, who I like to call the "Olori Oko" guys. If you have not listened to Olori Oko, please stop what you are doing right now and listen to it here.  You can thank me later :-)

Now let's talk about the songs.

The first song, Amure was originally published on Infinity's 2011 Album, The 7 Laws of Infinity [Still on iTunes].  That version had more of a pop feel to it.  But not this newer version.

The version featured here today, I will have to describe as Ethnic.  And after listening to it, you'll see why I said so.  I love this song, and am very pleased to share it with you.  In case you were wondering, the song is written in Yoruba. The other words in there I suspect are the artiste speaking in tongues.  

The second song, I no fit shout, is a reflective song that is laced with strong warnings to watch what you say because you will have what you say.  I look forward to more songs from David.

For more information on this artiste, check out the following links:

Artiste's Stage Name: Mosadi Kanjji

Artiste's Real Name: David Akintayo Adebiyi Thomas

Connect with Artiste:  Twitter | Facebook

Listen to more songs: ReverbNation

Tehila Crew - Helele God

Tehila Crew // ReverbNation

Tehila Crew is a group of worshippers with three core members: Enkay, Tim and Seth.  I was enamoured with their song, Helele God, because it mixes both French and English in one song.  I was really surprised to hear Nigerians singing in French.  Pleasantly surprised (except for a few rough spots).  I knew I just had to share this one with you guys. 

Their latest album is titled Jehovah, and the song with the same name has an official music video, so you can see Tehila Crew in action. You should definitely check it out.  Also, they have more free music on their reverbnation page.  Do you really need another reason to visit?

 More information on this group:

Group's Stage Name: Tehila Crew

Group Members Real Names: Enkay (?), Tim, Seth

Connect with artistes: Official WebsiteTwitter | Facebook | YouTube

Listen to more music: ReverbNation

Finally, the free downloads.  Thanks to all the featured artistes for sharing their music with us!  Have a fabulous weekend, guys (and gals).

Wow the first guy, is he still with infinity?


MsJB: I don't think so. I doubt that Infinity is still a group.


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