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For the last couple of years, Nigerian music in general has been going through some sort of renaissance, and since gospel music no dey carry last, it has also been part of that process.  Parties, weddings and other social functions have noticeably reflected this trend as there are considerably a lot more Nigerian songs played at these events than used to be the case in the past.  I can’t really pin-point what series of events led to this, but I am definitely loving it.  Nowadays, it is so common to hear songs sang completely in pidgin and/or another Nigerian language.  In fact, that seems to be the winning recipe for the more popular love songs.  It is like all of sudden we woke up and discovered that our culture (which inevitably includes language) is something worth exporting, so to speak.  I can’t really explain what happened to me too, but I know that all of a sudden I pretty much lost interest in music that did not have that Naija flavor and have even come to see it as the standard.

For some reason, when I lived in Nigeria, I always loved it when the choir performed some of the more popular gospel songs at the time by artistes like Kirk Franklin, Yolanda Adams and Kurt Carr.  However, nowadays I find myself so un-impressed by Nigerian choirs performing these types of songs.  But, when the American gospel choirs perform them, it just sounds better and well …. more natural.  I don’t know whether it has to do with the fact that Americans pronounce words differently from the way Nigerians do, but no matter how good the sound system or the choir or the soloist sounds, American choirs (especially African-American choirs) here just sound way better.  But why should it come as a surprise? It is THEIR music.  They SHOULD sound better, right?!

I have seen / heard American choirs perform African songs and without being mean, it was just …. an EPIC FAIL!  One particular song, “Betelehemu” (check it out on YouTube) has been performed several times by different choirs and it just sounded unnatural.  If I did not know the lyrics of the song, I would have been very confused.  But, you’ve got to admire their determination to sing the song sha.  BUT, I draw the line at the ridiculous clapping they also added to the song.  I suppose that is their idea of “African flavor.” Hiss! Nigerian artistes should please focus on what truly makes their music stand out and I know that reflecting our culture via language is one way to do this that actually works.  

Featured Artiste: Vivien Stephen

Vivien Stephen / Official Website
If I had to describe Vivien Stephen with one adjective, I would use the word ‘ENERGETIC.’  The woman get plenty energy abeg, and you get a feel for that when you listen to her songs.  I was not too surprised to find out that she is actually the wife of Michael Abdul of Midnight Crew.  Mo gbadun combinashun yen! LOL! Ijo was written by Michael Abdul and produced by FLO (Akinwunmi Nathan Oluniyi Akiremi).

I fell in love with her song “Ijo” even before the video came out.  So, here’s hoping you fall in love with “Ijo” too and that you “jo” (dance) into this new week.  Please see the video of “Ijo” below, followed by some brief information on Vivien Stephen.  Happy Thanksgiving in advance to all those in the States.  Count your blessings o!

Artiste’s Stage Name: Vivien Stephen

Artiste’s Real Name: Vivien Abdul (?)

Featured Album / Song: Made in Lagos / Ijo

Have a blessed week!

This is nice, i have actually never heard the song before, and now i have learnt anew slang, a modern edition to my granny's slang..EPIC FAIL abi?..mo ti gbo! :)

Oh, you haven't heard the song before? Well, now you can check that off your list :D  Granny's slang ke? LOL! I would love to know Granny's version of "Epic fail" would be.  Cheers to learning a new slang *smiles*

yes o, my grandmother and her friend used the slang fail a lot ( i wrote a post about it) so your own is modernernised

So Mama Agba is quite funky, using slangs and all ... LOL! I still crack up laughing when I think of the advice she must have given you before you got married :D

don't worry one of these days i will do a whole post on it..i just have not been inspired, is that your picture, i can see your face well sha..

I look forward to it :-)

No, that isn't me o ... LOL! Don't worry when I decide to not be anonymous again, you will know ... But it is possible that I resemble this pikin sha :D


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