ANNOUNCING: Give a book + Real Talk

You might think your voice will not make a difference, but I know from experience that that just isn't true.  So, here are two opportunities to support and make a difference, organized by two fellow bloggers.  Please support them o!

Give a Book, Save our Future

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This is an initiative organized by Naija4Life, a fellow blogger who has been very supportive of this blog, and just about the only other person I know who is passionate about Education on Blogsville.  His new campaign titled "Give a Book, Save our Future" is his own way of contributing towards a better quality of education in Nigeria.  He is asking for our help by donating books (used, new, fiction, non-fiction, academic, etc) which will then be distributed to students who desperately need them in Nigeria.  If you live in the UK or Ireland, please email him at either of these addresses: OR  For those of us who live in other parts of the world including Nigeria and the United States, he still needs help with facilitating and mobilizing support, so please contact him if you can help out with these.  For more information, please visit his blogs: Education that works for Nigeria and A pen and a heart.

Real Talk

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NollyWood Rave is also starting a new section on her blog, titled "Real Talk."  In her own words here is what to expect:
Nollywood Rave's new "Real Talk" column is dedicated to the readers. It is a place that you can send in topics, comments, or questions that you want discussed or answered. Whether it is an issue going on around the world, in your country, or in your personal life, send them in. I will write back as soon as possible stating my thoughts and opinions of what I think you should do. This is a positive column to elevate not belittle. To send in questions you can email me via or via twitter @nollywoodrave or you can visit my site:, to leave a comment or  to use my contact page. Thanks and I hope to hear from you all soon.
That's all folks.  Have a lovely weekend too :D

@The Relentless builder, words cannot express my gratitude to you for your generousity in using your blog and time to support my Give a book campaign.

Thank you and God bless you and bless Nigerian children whom this campaign is all about.

Foolish thing made me click 'post' when I was not ready. Anyways,*rollseye* at your blog Relentless. I was saying I like both initiatives and should get on board. Thanks for alerting us.

You're very welcome, Naija4Life.  It's nothing to me at all.  I really applaud your embarking on this campaign and trust that it will also open other doors as well.  God bless you too!

I was wondering what you were saying here ... Lol!

He he he! Disqus can be very naughty, but "it" is well-behaved for the most part.  Please support them o, and you're welcome as per the "alert."


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