BOOK RELEASE: Okechukwu Ofili's "How Laziness Saved My Life" + Bonus Giveaway (Blackberry, Kindle Fire, etc)

*grabs mic and starts testing*

"Mic check, One, Two, One, Two! Hey, Is this thing even on?"

Don't worry, I was NOT about to sing a number.  Neither was Ofili.  Don't know who Ofili is?  Let me help you out:

Ofili is an award winning ninja, motivational speaker, author, success coach and
mind reader entrepreneur who blogs about life, success and entrepreneurial excellence [Source].

Ofili / Ofili Speaks
Now, Okechukwu Ofili's second book, "How Laziness Saved My Life" has been released officially.  If you did not read the first book (How Stupidity saved my life), here is your chance to mend your ways.  Grab a copy of this new book (details below) and your life will not be a weist.  Before I hand over the microphone to Ofili, I would like to direct your attention to three important details relating to this book release:

1.  The book is available in bookstores, if you live in Nigeria (see details below)

2.  The book is also available online via Amazon (see details below)

3.  Ofili is sponsoring a Giveaway to promote his book (and reward his supporters).  Enter the Giveaway for a chance to win one of the following prizes:  Blackberry 9930, Amazon Kindle Fire, etc.  See details below.

Now, I shall perform my "special number."

*clears throat and starts rapping*

A is for Apple, B is for Ball, 
C is for Chorus, And you can sing along!  

What? I should stick to blogging? Hiss!

And now, here is some more information on the book from Ofili himself in his own words.

*hands microphone over to Ofili*

2 years ago, author, speaker and blogger Okechukwu Ofili shared his stupidity with the world in the hilariously successful "How Stupidity Saved My Life." Everything seemed to be going well for the engineer turned blogger turned speaker, but all that changed when he visited the doctors office for a routine check-up and was diagnosed with a life threatening disease. He later found out that his diagnosis was a result of over working himself at his job.

After seeing so many people other people burnt out from work, he decided to pen his second book to show that contrary to popular belief, Laziness can actually save your life! The result is the witty HOW LAZINESS SAVED MY LIFE: A collection of radical business ideas for tired, overworked and frustrated people looking for an easier way to get stuff done!

How Laziness Saved My Life is a hilarious attack at the way corporations and businesses push themselves and their employees to the brink of stress. With chapters such as "Three Things I Learned From Getting Kicked In The Head" and "Why We Need Fewer Meetings and Managers" Ofili is able to poke fun at the work institution as we know it but at the same time offers up simple solutions for Managers and Entrepreneurs for getting the most out of themselves and their employees without killing anyone in the process. 

If you have ever been stressed at work or felt like strangling your Manager then you need to get this book. But don't take my word for it, after all I am just the author writing in third person...see what others are saying about it:
Grabs you from the first page and never lets you go...until you are done or NEPA takes light. --Okechukwu Ofili

The book is so intelligently written and wickedly funny, it is as if I wrote it myself. --Okechukwu Ofili

HOW LAZINESS SAVED MY LIFE is a must read for Managers and Business Leaders! Get a copy for your boss and one for your bosses's that good! --Okechukwu Ofili

The book is currently available on Amazon at and at major Nigeria bookstores including Silverbird Lagos, Silverbird Abuja, Silverbird Port-Harcourt, The Hub Media Lagos, Laterna Lagos and Terraculture Lagos. You can reach the author at:

BB: 3300ED8F 

BONUS STUFF: To celebrate the release of his second book. Ofili will be giving away a Blackberry 9930, an Amazon Kindle Fire and other awesome prices (no kidding). All you have to do is take a simple picture. See the poster below for more information:

Ofili is an award winning ninja, motivational speaker, author, success coach and mind reader entrepreneur who blogs about life, success and entrepreneurial excellence. Follow him on BB pin:3300ED8Ftwitterfacebook or subscribe to his blog for more success TIPS!” His latest book is titled HOW LAZINESS SAVED MY LIFE, to find out how it saved his life click

P.S. Happy Democracy Day to all Nigerians!

the book sounds really great...would have to get of a copy to confirm that for myself.
winning an Amazon kindle fire sounds enticing o....we shall see.

most people r not happy today o. did u hear that UNILAG has been changed to Moshood Abiola University.. UNILAG students are protesting.

Never read any of them. Hope to read them some day

I really should get this book. I'm anticipating a lot of feasible suggestions dipped in humour :)

@Ay, my timeline is hilarious. People coming up with all sorts of anecdotes smh

Wow! Awesome new look. Nice colour combo. oya chop knuckle jere. #gbam!#

I'll make an effort to read this book as I'm on vac throughout this week. I need this in my life like right away!

Oshey jare padi mi.

AY: Please get a copy to support the author. I'm sure he'll appreciate it. I also heard about the UNILAG name change, and at first it was funny. Now, it is not. Maybe the next administration will change it. *smh*

Atilola: Yes, I haven't either, so that makes two of us :-)

Toinlicious: You should get the book o. I like how you said "dipped" in humor. Reminds me of chocolate-covered fruit for some reason. Or maybe I am just hungry *stomach growls*

Nollywood Reinvented: Thanks a lot! I like it too. Minus the green sha background.

Michael: *now chopping knuckle* LOL! Thanks a lot, Mikey. I like it too, but that green background I am not feeling sha.

Vacation? Lucky you! Hope you got loads of rest. You should get the book. I think you'll enjoy it.


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