TAGGED: 11 Questions for Relentless

I was tagged by two lovely bloggers: Okeoghene and Toinlicious.  Thank you ladies! I troway salute.  Oh, sorry, I meant to say "Thank you ma'am" to each of you, and then curtsie *smiles*

*Rubbing hands together* Let's get started, shall we?

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First off, here are the Rules:

1.  Post rules
2.  Post 11 random things about yourself
3.  Answer questions posted by the person who tagged you
4.  Create 11 questions and tag 11 people to answer your questions
5.  Notify those tagged of the game
6.  Notify the person who tagged you after you have answered the questions
7.  No tag backs

# 1 is out of the way.  Now, on to the others.

11 Random Things about Relentless:

1.  One of my favorite shades of lipstick is Burgundy (A deep shade of Red).  I think it suits me.  Too bad I can't show you pictures for proof :-)

2.  Most people who meet me for the first time think I am very shy, quiet and reserved.  My face has a lot to do with it.  Those who are closest to me know better.

3.  Once upon a time, I was a tom-boy.  Now that I am older, the formerly recessive "girly" gene has suddenly become dominant.  That tomboyishness is still there.  Somewhere.

4.  I am not particularly fond of flowers, but I think roses are beautiful.

5.  I am grappling with a growing obsession for fonts, and other things typography-related.  Noticed?

6.  I enjoy looking at pictures.  Images can be more powerful than words.

7.  I am from Lagos (on both sides of my family) and lived there for 17 years before re-locating to the US.

8.  I like the taste of "Calabar," i.e. potash, and used to buy it solely for that purpose when I lived in Nigeria.

9.  I have been off Facebook (personal account) for more than 2 years now.  I started this blog during that "off-season."

10. I used to be a member of an African dance ensemble when I was in college here in the US.  That does not mean I can dance, though *grinning*

11.  I collect journals because I like writing.  I also like the artwork on the said journals.  And the "tear-rubber" smell of new books.

Now, since I was tagged by both Okeoghene and Toinlicious, I will answer each of their questions, making it 22 answers in all.  What? 11 X 2 = 22 now!

11 Answers to Okeoghene's Questions:

1. What is your middle name? 

   *sweating bullets*  I smell a conspiracy, but I will answer anyway: It is RELENTLESS, as in The RELENTLESS Builder *straight face*

2. Favorite food?

   I actually don't have one, but I like Pounded yam and egusi soup, Dodo, Spicy food in general.

3. Favorite board game?

   Now you have caught me red-handed.  I do not play board games.  True talk.  So, I don't have a favorite one :-( Care to teach me?

4. Favorite Nigerian musician?

   I don't have one, but I like these: Jeremiah Gyang, Kefee, and most of the artistes I feature here :-)

5. Education or fame?

   Who says you can't have both? Oh wait, I can't answer a question with a question.  Education first, fame will follow.

6. What grinds your gears?

   *unfolds a rather long list and searches for one suitable entry*  Several things actually, but talking to me with your mouth full will earn you several angry stares.  From me.

7. Books or movies?

   BOTH.  I can learn from both of them and use both to relax.  Books are more valuable though.  I just answered the question after rambling *smh*

8. Favorite movie

   Once again, I don't have one.  However, I enjoy re-watching these Nigerian movies:  Thunderbolt (Magun), Aya mi owon (Madam Dearest), True Confession.

9. Earth, Wind, Water or Fire? Which describes you?

   Ah, e gba mi! Faya ke? What is this? Captain Planet? LOL! I am simply me.

10. Legacy? What would you like to be remembered for?

    Excellence.  It's in my blog description (see header).
11. If you are not you, who would you like to be?

    Nobody.  I am happy being me.

11 Answers to Toinlicious' Questions:

1.      What’s the one question you would ask God if you could?

        Lord, why did You create snakes?

2.      What is your most embarrassing moment?

Ah, I have several, but here is one:  When I was in secondary school (this had to be in SS2 or SS3), me and a couple of my friends were in class.  The rest of the class (and in fact, the school) were either in the Assembly Hall or on the Assembly Ground for something (Can't remember what).  But, we stayed behind in class and were making noise and singing.  Yes, I was there live and direct joining in the festivities.  I don't know what entered my head, but I started singing in a loud voice: "Yiwa re pada, yo baby change your lifestyle!" In case you don't know, those are the lyrics to one of Baba Dee's (Sound Sultan's older brother) songs. This was before I decided to listen to "strictly gospel."

Anyway, as I was singing, I was also playing with a hoola-hoop (and failing woefully at it, might I add).  All of a sudden, I noticed that my fellow noisemakers were quiet and were looking at the door of the classroom.  All this while, I had my back turned to the door (Mistake # 1).  I turned around, only to see the Prinicipal (a.k.a. "Princi") at the door, staring sternly at all of us.  I wanted to just evaporate! But I didn't.  She calmly told us to go and join the rest of the school.  It was a wonder we weren't punished.  I have been well-behaved since that day.  In public, at least.  I still sing in public, but that song has been deleted from my playlist.  Plus, I don't use hoola hoops anymore. Neither do I back entrances while breaking rules.

3.      If you could change one thing in the world right now, what would it be?


4.      If you could say one thing to the current pope, what would you say?

        E ma pe fun wa, sir. Translation:  May you live long, sir.

5.      What’s the one thing you wish you could "Un-invent" in d world and why?

        Video games.  Interacting with real human beings is priceless.
6.      What’s the most terrifying moment of your life?

        Hmmm.  Sorry.  Too terrifying and private to share.

7.      If you were to be recognised by posterity for one thing, what would you like to be known for?

        *Grabs dictionary* Ki lo n je "Posterity?"  Okay, here's my answer: Excellence

8.      What colour best describes you?

        Blue. Navy Blue.

9.      If you could commit one crime without being caught, what crime would you commit?

        E gba mi ke! Now, I know this is a conspiracy.  Biko, I no be criminal.  Not now, not ever. *adjusts halo*

10.    If you had to name one lesson of love that took you the longest you learn, what would it be & why?

    Love is not selfish or self-seeking.  I am still learning this.

11.    If you could be guaranteed one thing besides money, what would you want?

    Since money can buy love, I have no further requests *grinning mischeviously* #Joke

And now, My Questions for the Bloggers I Tag:

  1. Would you describe yourself as fashion-conscious?
  2. Name one song you can never forget and why
  3. What physical feature would you like to change?
  4. Three words that other people use to describe you
  5. Three words that you use to describe yourself
  6. Pen (Biro) or pencil? Which do you prefer, and why?
  7. Do you have a favorite fragrance (perfume, body spray, etc).  If yes, what is it called?
  8. What are your pet peeves (Name three at most)
  9. Do you like children? Why or why not?
  10. What's the name of the last book you read?
  11. What's the name of your favorite author?

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I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed participating.  Enjoy the rest of your week!

You still sound like a tom-boy. There seem to be this Male-ish thing about you. LOL
Your most embarrassing moment was funny more than embarrassing jor! lol. You dont know how to play any board games; not even Ludo?

And what is your middle name jor?!


LDP: *gasping in horror* What???!! I STILL sound like a tomboy ke? And you didn't even pity me sef ... You went on to say that there is something "MALE-ish" about me?!! *sobbing uncontrollably*  How shall I react to this one? I will just laugh it off jare.  

Bros, that moment was embarassing to me.  It is funny in retrospect, but I assure you, I was embarassed o! Yes, I don't play board games.  Not even Ludo. Not snakes and ladders.  None of them.

My middle name is Relentless now! I already told you *whistling and strolling off*

hehe this was a fun read...i like your little insert Yoruba here and there...i need to become fluent in that language by fire by force...As to number one show us y our face na *wink wink*

Thanks for the tag btw..off to go answer some questions

Yellow Sisi:  I am glad you enjoyed reading it.  Yes, my little Yoruba ... I can't help myself.  Me sef I am trying to learn Hausa, so you GO!!! Emmm ... *winking back* If I show you my picture, game over!

I will look out for the answers on your blog.

i enjoyed every bit of it. your answers are so funny

interesting... but you cheated us shaaaa, u're quite anonymous, you should have entertained us with the ans... :p

I thought i had wiggled out of doing the tag after sort of hinting to Toinlicious that i need grace to, now i know i have to do... wish me luck.

I can see that all this book people are bloggers... I collect journals too... and I like to write too... *clapping in excitement...lol* I did enjoy rading this...

Ochanya Igah

Lol @ your most embarrassing moment. Really, it‘s a surprise you didn‘t get punished.
Thanks for tagging me on this. I hope to get it done someday, seeing that I don‘t have up to 11 blog friends.
Thanks all the same!

Loool. You managed to escape a lot of questions ooo. I like you cos you seem down to earth

Your sense of humour is killing me. I'm lol & pple keep looking at me. #shrug. Shay you know you can show us d lips alone. So dance en? I'm thinking some "so you think you can dance" things already

Kish Kish, you're oversharp. See as you dodge questions here in there. Issokay. You're sticking with Relentless as your middle name ba? Issorai

Rotflmao@Yiwa re pada I remember that song o! I'm sure Princi was too weak to even punish you.

I enjoyed this :)

wow!!>....LOOOOLL...its nice reading abt u and i knw ur embarassing moment is meant to be "embarassing" but oh goodness, its so funny, seriously... and i love ur answers...
Haar...eliminate video games?...LOOOL...the guys will must not hear that language ohh...loool
visit my blog at mindshde.blogspot.com

itunu taiwo

LOL! *adjusts halo* the visual just made me laugh. You're just a clown Relentless. And Noooo...I love video games though I haven't played in months.

That embarrasing moment was funny. Nice one jare.

Love your sense of humor and the way you are able to translate it effortless. Your answers are fun to read also. I'm very surprise the principal didn't punish you either, must be nice to have a nice principal.

ps: Answers to your questions have been posted and thanks for the tag.

Sixth Lens

Michael: I just hope you were not whistling at night.  You know what they say about snakes and whistling at night *hissing sound*

TRB, I don my part of the tagging game. Thanks for tagging me and thanks for making me laff as i read your post

amaka obi

Lue: I am glad you enjoyed it and found it funny.  I think humor helps with stuff like this.

FQ: See I didn't know you were trying to avoid this game now.  Looks like you have to play.  *rubs hands together in glee*

Cheated ke? I don't even know what you're talking about.  I answered all the questions now.  Do you see any blank spaces? You see *skips along*

Ochanya: You also collect journals? Wonderful! It's always good to find people with the same interests.  I am glad you enjoyed reading this too.  I enjoyed writing it.  

Atilola: LOL, abi? I don't even know what you mean by escaping questions.  I didn't leave any blank jo! Thanks for the compliments.  *now walking on clouds*

AY: I tell you I was also surprised I did not get punished.  Maybe Princi was in a good mood that day or was just to tired to care.  The world may never know. Hehehe!

I look forward to reading your answers too.  Just tag as many people as you can jare.  Don't get bogged down by numbers.

I've finally done my tag...Phew!! Thanks agaiin for tagging me

Toinlicious: LOL! Glad you got to laugh o jare.  As for those looking at you, look at them back.  Yes ke! Don't eye them sha. Mi o ran e nise o (I no send you message)!

Yes, I could have showed just the lips, but by the time I start revealing, it might be hard to stop.  So, better not to start.  I was not dodging questions o ... I was using them to play tennis ... LOL! I used to watch that 'So you think you can dance' show, but emmm .... Darris another level!

Yes, Relentless is my middle name now.  See explanation above *sticks tongue out*

So far, you are the only person who has admitted knowing the song *side eye to other readers* Princi must have been weak, tired or just too burdened with other concerns to care.  Maybe she was just coming from another class where girls were decorating the classroom walls with grafitti.  Who knows?

Itunu Taiwo: I am glad you enjoyed reading this.  I had no idea my embarassing moment would be funny to you (and other readers).  I was pretty embarassed sha ... LOL! Thanks for the compliments :-)

I actually had guys in mind for that video game answer, and I maintain my stand jo.  I will visit your blog soon.  Thanks!

Michael: Oh wait, you don't believe I have a halo to adjust? LOL! You love video games? Why am I not surprised? *eyes narrowed*  I still think interacting with human beings is priceless.  And you gasta agree with me too.  

I didn't expect the embarassing moment to be funny, but I am glad it turned out that way.  Thanks!

Myne:  Thanks! Humor makes the world go round :-)

Sixth Lens:  Thanks for the compliments.  I honestly appreciate them.  Yes, it must be nice to have a nice principal.  Or maybe she was too tired and over-worked to care ... LOL! Either way, I am certainly glad I got away scot-free.

I enjoyed reading your answers on your blog too.  Got to learn more than a few things about you :-)

Amaka Obi:  Yay! Thanks for participating.  I shall check out your post soon.  Glad you enjoyed reading mine.  Laughter is good for the body :D

AY: Yipee! You sound relieved ... LOL! You're so welcome.  I shall check it out soon.  

Ahahaha! "Faya ke? Captain Planet" really funny! I loved reading every bit of this :) :) You are really cool.

Oy! You've been off facebook for 2 years, impressive. I managed to do without it for 7 days (not that it's that interesting a place to be fa, imagine). 

Chibi Takaya

Chibi: I am glad you enjoyed reading this. I definitely enjoyed writing it too. And thanks for the compliments. I would have added that I am too cool for school, but school days are behind me, so ....

Yes o, 2 years ... And counting. I was spending way too much time on it. Unlike you, I found it very interesting, and so breaking away was important for me.


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