Video of the Week | Ebele the Flutist: Oghama

Happy New Month! Thank God we made it to February.

The flute is one of those instruments that adds a nice touch to just about any song, especially the traditional-themed ones.  Most of the flutists I know are men, so you can imagine my joy when I discovered Ebele sometime last year.  She is a talented flutist and gospel artiste.

Ebele // Facebook

So, today it is my pleasure to introduce Ebele to you.  The official video for her song, Oghama is our Video of the Week.  

Originally from Anambra State, Ebele grew up in Benin City in Edo State.  The video was shot in the ancient city of Benin, and directed by the BNG Crew (also gospel artistes themselves).  I think you'll agree with me that Ebele is a breath of fresh air.

More information on Ebele:

Artiste's Stage Name: Ebele (the Flutist)

Artiste's Real Name: Ebele Sandra Ezeamakam

Connect with Artiste: Facebook | Twitter 

Finally, enjoy the video of Oghama:

Interesting.. loving the oldies vibe. It felt more like an instrumental piece than a singing piece.


Dayo: It was an instrumental piece, hence the minimal singing. I thought I'd try something new.


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