Fresh Meat [Featured Artiste: Tolucci]

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There is something that has been bugging me for a while now.  It has been giving me sleepless nights and making me break out in cold sweat. My heart skips several beats when I think about this pressing issue, and I can’t keep it to myself any longer.   I have decided to come out and tell the truth, and here it is: I want to eat my neighbor’s chicken! (*evil laughter* … Gotcha! What secret did you think I was going to divulge?! Odeshi!)

Yes, believe it or not, one of my neighbors keeps a chicken (or should I call it a hen?) in his yard. Alice (yes, I have christened the chicken “Alice” after that chicken dish at Outback Steakhouse called “Alice Springs Chicken.”  Please don’t ask me why! LOL) has an identity crisis: she thinks she is a dog because she hangs out with them (or rather tries to ... they chase her. So much for being open-minded, dogs!) 

I am not sure what my neighbor's philosophy is (maybe Alice is there to lay eggs … after all, we are right smack in the middle of a recession), but the presence of that chicken has given me cause to evaluate just how fresh the meat I eat is.  I think Alice would taste so much berra than that Wal-Mart chicken, especially when she it has been seasoned right.  I even made a list of spices and seasonings for Alice’s “birthday” including: curry, thyme, garlic, onions, Knorr cubes, paprika, partminger leaves (my grandma used to grow it back in Naija to season Alice’s distant cousins and other relatives who made our acquaintance at the local market), etc.  Is your mouth watering yet? *grinning from ear to ear*

As far as Alice’s statistics, all I can tell you is that she is a brown, old-layer looking hen like that and she is usually outside when I come back from work (Why do hens not ever have to go to work or school?  I remember envying squirrels in college because unlike humans, they did not need to go to class ... LOL!) Let her not make the mistake of wandering into our yard.  All you will hear after that is Kefee’s song, "Food is Ready o!”

Featured Artiste: Tolucci

Tolucci / ReverbNation
The first time I heard today’s featured song, “Turnaround” was on a mix tape that was released earlier this year by DJ Gosporella (a well-known Nigerian gospel music Deejay).  Later, I found the video on YouTube, and I actually enjoyed watching it.  The sisters were not dulling at all. In fact, no one in the video was dulling.  

Tolucci has directed quite a number of gospel music videos as well, including Save Our Souls by J Bones featuring Ex-O (which was featured HERE) and Tolu Odukoya’s Gifted & Proud music video.  

This song is my prayer for you, i.e. that in the month of November, you shall experience a divine turnaround in every area of your life in Jesus name!  

As usual, please see some more information on Tolucci below:

Artiste’s Stage Name: Tolucci

Artiste’s Real Name: Tolulope Toluwase

Turnaround (Audio)
TurnAround-TOLUccI ft PROVABS by TOLUccI

Turnaround (Video)

Have a blessed weekend!

You this relentless sef, steal your neighbours chicken..oga o, but i feel your pain nothing tastes quite like fresh chicken, i hear you on the patminger leaves, my mum grows it till this day...i don laugh taya!!

...what an interesting post you have here. I was actually thinking you had a 'very serious secret' to share self... :-) Not to worry, I got the gist behind the post... Thanks for sharing.

Hilarious!!! Idon't know whether you've ever heard this song, we used to sing it in secondary school....."Chicken no dey walk or nite, if he walk for nite I go kill am chop, if the owner ask I go tell am say, chicken no dey walk for nite!.... if you see that chicken at nite, then u have d go ahead....hilarious!

Kill the chicken let us have a party...LWKMD. hahahahha..poor chicken


HA! coming from you.That chicken is a goner!


Alice don enter am! and the poor neighbour will now think you're admiring the compound when you're passing by.

I just remembered one story a friend told me of one big party they had
in his area. The women were innocently boiling water to skin the cow
they killed o. That is how this acrobatic chicken went to jump inside
the boiling water...*smh*my sister, the rest is history jare.


Hehehe! Alice would be very fresh and delish *drooling* Thanks for the feedback on the partminger leaves.  I thought it was just my family o...

LOL! Looks like I almost fooled you .... *big grin* I will try harder next time.  It also looks like your first time here. Welcome and thanks for stopping by!

Omo I haven't heard the song before, but you've introduced it to me ... and given me more ideas..LOL! I hope Alice does not decide to do any night crawling anytime soon ... Actually, I hope she does (for obvious reasons ... LOL!)

LOL! I see you're on my side, ba? Oh Alice, those who are for you have been out-numbered by those who are against you *sharpening knife*

Yes now! I will be admiring his yard .... and Alice as she parades on her two legs ... LOL! 

The story was hilarious! Dat na de kain party I suppose attend. Well, now we know what happened to Alice's distant cousin.  I guess it was trying to admire its reflection in the water, and lost its balance ... Oh my goodness! LOL! are welcome... the pleasure is mine.

I'm still laughing, pity poor Alice and leave her with her feathers, lol...

LOL! Myne, Alice and her feathers will remain intact ... in the picture above! 


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