JUNE GIVEAWAY: Yejide Kilanko's "Daughters who walk this path" + $ 25 Amazon Gift Card + $ 25 iTunes Gift Card

For the month of June, I will be giving away the following three items:

  1. Yejide Kilanko's first novel, Daughters who walk this path
  2. $ 25 Amazon Gift Card; and
  3. $ 25 iTunes Gift Card

To enter, follow these RULES:

  1. Must be a Nigerian (living on Planet Earth), i.e. it is open to Nigerians living anywhere;
  2. Like my Facebook Page:  http://www.facebook.com/RelentlessBuilder; and
  3. Follow me on Blogger - Click "Join my Site" in the Followers section in the right sidebar.

Please leave the following information in the comments section:

  • Facebook Name
  • Blogger Name
  • Working e-mail address

***NOTE: You do NOT have to be a blogger or own a blog to follow me on blogger.

DEADLINE:  Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The three winners will be announced the day after the deadline.

As always, if you have questions, you can send me an e-mail at Relentless@therelentlessbuilder.com

All the best!

*Credits:  Yejide Kilanko, Amazon, Southern Savers

Facebook Name: Michael Onobote
Blogger Name: Michael Onobote
Working E-mail: michael.onobote@gmail.com


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Yeiiii!! something I am qualified for. Excited much :)

Okay. Thank God I qualify for this one.

I have liked your facebook page, and I follow your blog.

my email is hattylolla@yahoo.com

I hope favour smiles on me this time. *now speaking in tongues*

Sori, I forgot the last part.

My facebook name is Atilola Moronfolu and my blogger name is @ilola

facebook name- Edidiong James
Blogger Name- Edidiong
email address- elizabetjay@yahoo.com


Facebook Name: Do you want to reveal my anon status ni?
Blogger Name: Toinlicious
Working Email: toinlicious@gmail.com

Fingers crossed

I used my blog add as email *covers face*

Michael: Thanks for submitting your entry.

Toinlicious: *whispering* "You put me on the spot!" But, I am sorry. I cannot break the rules. Both steps are required :-(

Myne: Thanks for submitting your entry. I still need your email address though.

9jaFoodie: Yay! Me too ... LOL! Thanks for participating, but I still need your e-mail address too.

Atilola: LOL @ speaking in tongues. You might want to add a 7-day dry fast to that to make it even more effective. I got your entry. Thanks for participating.

Edidiong: I got your entry. Thanks for participating. But I don't see you following me on Blogger/Google Friend Connect. Different name, maybe?

Toinlicious: :(

Facebook Name: Dayo A.
Blogger Name: Coming soon (I'm actually considering starting one..)
Working e-mail address: dayohoney@gmail.com


Dayo: Yay! I hope the "considering" will graduate to actually starting one. You have my support o!

So, I have your entry now. Thanks for participating :-)

Facebook name: Anita Princewill
Blogger name: ☀☀Λñï†å☀☀ ( I followed ur blog via my twitter acc @NittaPee)
Email: bigkid_1000@yahoo.com

Anita: Thanks. I have your entry too :-)


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