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About two years ago, as I was browsing through ReverbNation.  I stumbled on an artiste's profile.  His name was Cute Sagay, and the songs I listened to were: Make that Change, and Changes.  After that, the word that came to my mind was RESPECT.

Cute Sagay // ReverbNation

Imela was originally featured as one of This Friday's Free Downloads, when it was released last year.  Cute was kind enough to contact me on Twitter to inform me, in advance, of the video release.  Here's the press release:

Cute Sagay, an amazing vocalist, presents his song/video IMELA. Being one who has stood strong against the odds and fought life battles and won. He shows his gratitude to God in this beautiful song, IMELA (Thank You).

Here is the video:

This is a very colorful video, and I loved the simplicity.  Cute Sagay takes his craft seriously and you'll notice that after listening to a few of his songs.

The main instrument used in this song was the acoustic guitar, and it gives the song a nice, clean, artsy feel.  He generally avoids the frills that many artistes tamper with (e.g. auto-tune) and instead chooses to allow his vocals "carry" the song.  

You've got to love the ankara bow-tie and pocket square in the video.  The same fabric was also used as the studio booth's wallpaper. Okay, you'll have to watch the video to see what I mean.

Finally, I think that given the simplicity of the song, the visual interpretation could have gone in any direction.  However, I like Oluyinka Davids' (Producer) interpretation.  It works.

DOWNLOAD Imela on SoundCloud, or click on the widget below:

Artiste's Stage Name: Cute Sagay

Artiste's Real NameChuka Sagay

Connect with CuteOfficial Website | Facebook | Twitter

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