THIS Friday's Free Downloads | Featuring: DeSam, Ikpemhosi Amakhabi, Cute Sagay

In continuing with our new series, This Friday, I have three Nigerian gospel artistes to share with you.  Check out their music and more useful information on them below.  And as usual, click the Download button on each widget to get your free copy of their featured singles.  Happy Clicking (so cheesy, I know)!

1. DeSam

DeSam / Facebook
Artiste's Stage Name: DeSam

Artiste's Real Name: Samuel Emenike

Connect with DeSam: Facebook | Twitter

Listen to more songs: ReverbNation | SoundCloud | YouTube

Featured Song: Chukwu Nonso

Official Video of Chukwu Nonso: YouTube

2. Ikpemhosi Amakhabi

Ikpemhosi Amakhabi / Twitter
Artiste's Stage Name: Ikpemhosi Amakhabi 

Artiste's Real NameIkpemhosi Amakhabi 

Connect with IkpemhosiFacebook | Twitter

Listen to more songsReverbNation | SoundCloud | YouTube

Featured Song: Akamarama

3. Cute Sagay

Cute Sagay / Twitter
Artiste's Stage Name: Cute Sagay

Artiste's Real NameChuka Sagay

Connect with CuteOfficial WebsiteFacebook | Twitter

Listen to more songsReverbNation

Featured Song: Imela

Have a great weekend, y'all!

RemiRoy: Abi? Na real Gospogroove. You're welcome :-)

Hello Relentless Builder,

Pls what's P.I.T.A's twitter handle. I know u posted it b4 but i can't seem to find it. Meanwhile I'm now ffing u (@lahmeet)...kindly ff back biko. Thanks. I love your writing style... u seem mischievous, are u? :)


Lahmeet: Hello! PITA's twitter handle is @pitasings. I know I already gave it to you, but there's no harm in repitition :-) And I am also following you back.

Thanks a lot for the compliments. Flattery is everything ... LOL! As for being mischievous, I maintain my stand: I am an angel through and through, but my wings are at the dry cleaners!


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