THIS FRIDAY'S Free Downloads | Featuring: The Movement by VC Perez, J.Clone and B.O.U.Q.U.I

The three songs that are available as free downloads today have this in common:  I got "word" on them via Twitter.  I would like to specially thank each of the artistes for sharing their music with us.  Special thanks also to Gospogroove, Olatunji Olasehinde (Manager for Take Phive) and JClone (Featured Artiste) who notified me.  Thanks for giving me the heads up.  What else was I going to add? Oh yes! Hit the download button and enjoy.  Have a great weekend!

1. The Movement by VC Perez

The Movement | Gospogroove
Artiste(s) Stage Name(s): The Movement by VC Perez 
[Members: S.T.U.D.I.O, Lily Perez, GameMan, VC Perez]

Producer: VC Perez

Artiste(s) Real Names
Lily Perez - Lily Odesola
S.T.U.D.I.O - #Unknown
GameMan - Olumide Akindele Okesanjo

VC Perez - Twitter
Lily Perez - Official Website | Facebook  | Twitter
S.T.U.D.I.O - Twitter
GameMan - Twitter

2.  J.Clone

J.Clone | Twitter

Artiste's Stage Name: J.Clone

Artiste's Real Name: Jerry Shekwoduza John Dauda

Connect with Artiste: Twitter | Facebook

Listen to other songs: ReverbNation

3. B.O.U.Q.U.I

BOUQUI | PraizHouse
Artiste's Stage Name: B.O.U.Q.U.I

Artiste's Real Name: Bukola Folayan

Connect with Artiste:  Twitter | Facebook

Listen to other songs: ReverbNation


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