THIS Friday's Free Downloads | Featuring: Simi, Joan Paul, NollyNolz

Every Friday, I will share three (or less) Nigerian gospel songs that are also available as free downloads so you can expand your music library. *wink*

To start this off, please check out the following artistes and click the Download button on each widget to get the free downloads.  Enjoy!


Simi / Facebook

Artiste's Stage Name: Simi

Artiste's Real Name: Simisola Ogunleye

Connect with Simi: Facebook | Twitter 

Listen to more tracks from Simi: ReverbNation

Featured Song: Chocolate Brown

Joan Paul

Joan Paul Momodu / Twitter

Artiste's Stage Name: Joan Paul 

Artiste's Real Name: Joan Paul Momodu

Connect with Joan PaulFacebook | Twitter 

Listen to more tracks from Joan Paul: ReverbNation

Featured Song: Ikhayere featuring Meeme Excel

Video of Ikhayere: YouTube


NollyNolz / SoundCloud

Artiste's Stage NameNollyNolz

Artiste's Real Name: Nonso Tony Onwuli

Connect with NollyNolzFacebook | Twitter 

Listen to more tracks from NollyNolzSoundCloud

Featured Song: Faith (Lambano It)

Have a great weekend!

Thanks for sharing miss...I guess my fav. one is Ikhayere mostly because its my language and the chorus is a childhood chorus lol but Simi is also good as well...Have a lovely weekend

Ms. Yellow Sisi Unspoken: You're so welcome. I guess we should both thank the artistes who made it available for free too. Thanks guys.

See, that extra information you provided about Ikhayere makes all the difference. I had no idea it was a popular chorus that was re-worked into the chorus. Interesting. Simi's song is pretty cool too, shey? I thought so too. Have a great week!

hello yellow sisi unspoken thanks i appreciate u.God bless.

joan paul

thanx 4 ur support .God bless u.

joan paul


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