THIS Friday's Free Downloads | Featuring: Lily Perez (My Life), Dach-Mo (Babu Kamarka), Gold Help Owen (Wait)

I hope you've been enjoying the assortment of free downloads offered here every Friday.  If you have, please take a few seconds to leave a comment.  The artistes will surely appreciate it.  Furthermore, if you have any artistes you would like to recommend for this series, please send me an e-mail with the link to the MP3 file download at

Having said that, here are This Friday's free downloads, courtesy of three different Nigerian gospel artistes.  Click the Download button at on each widget, and enjoy!

1.  Lily Perez

Lily Perez / Facebook
Ariste's Stage Name: Lily Perez

Artiste's Real Name:  Lily Odesola

Connect with Artiste: Official Website | Facebook  | Twitter

Listen to more songs: ReverbNation

Featured Song: My Life

2. Dach-Mo

Dach-Mo / ReverbNation
Artiste's Stage Name: Dach-Mo

Artiste's Real Name: Solomon Dachomo

Connect: Facebook | Twitter

Listen to more songs: ReverbNation 

Featured Song: Babu Kamarka

3.  Gold Help Owen

Gold Help Owen / ReverbNation
Artiste's Stage Name: Gold Help Owen

Artiste's Real Name: Gold Owen

Connect with Artiste:   Facebook  | Twitter

Listen to more songs: ReverbNation

Featured Song: Wait

Have a great weekend!

I've been AWOL o; in between moving back home and prepping for the MPRE ::smh:: so I had to go back and check what post I missed. I'm commenting on this post because you asked for posts if we liked the free downloads and I saw that no one said anything. ::hands raised in 'pick me, pick me' fashion:: I like it o. Please continue to bless us with music as you've been doing, and God will bless you. I will email you soon ::shines teeth::

Dayo: Welcome back!!! *shines teeth right back*

It sounds like you've been very busy. And the MPRE is not a yam. I wish you all the best in your preparation :-)

Yes indeed, no one else had commented on this post. And now *dramatic music playing* Dayo has changed that forever in the history books ... LOL! Thanks a lot for the support. I appreciate it, and I shall be looking out for that email.

And yes, Amen, Amen, Amen to your prayers. God bless the artistes, producers and promoters too because they help to make "this" happen.


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