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So, December 31st is here at last. 2011 has been quite a year for Relentless.  For one thing, it was the year this blog was born (Why am I referring to myself in the third person? Maybe this should go on the New Year Resolution list).  I want to start out by saying a very big Thank You to every single person who has visited, commented, sent me a private message, stalked, etc ... I really and truly appreciate your support this year.  As you have watered, so shall you also be watered in Jesus name.  May the Lord God cause all your endeavors to prosper and be fruitful in 2012.  E se gan-an.

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I know when you saw the title of today's blog post, you were probably wondering whether Relentless was moving back to Nigeria.  I am keeping my lips sealed on that for now, but I really want to address this issue, i.e. the issue of relocating to Nigeria, for those who live in the diaspora (US, Canada, UK, Jamaica, Togo ... LOL!) It is not something I can cover in one single blog post, but I wanted to get started on it before the end of 2011.  I guess you can tell I am a last minute person ... *sigh* (Another item has just been added to my New Year Resolution list).

Anyway, over the last couple of years, I have observed within my own personal circles and also amongst Nigerians in general, a growing trend, i.e. people who have lived in various countries outside Nigeria for several years, suddenly moving back to Nigeria for various reasons.  In fact, the reasons are just as varied as the people who move back and they include:

  • Immigration Palaver (People who have immigration issues that they have not been able to resolve for years (you know that H 1-B visa, green card, etc isn't easy to come by) and have decided to go back home)
  • Marriage (Yup! This one runs both ways, people who go back to Nigeria to marry people they know (or complete strangers) and decide to stay ... This typically applies to women, of course)
  • Married Couples with children who want their children raised in Nigeria for whatever reason
  • People who have gained a shipload of work experience in the diaspora and want to start new businesses in Nigeria's growing economy
  • Retirees who want to spend the rest of their days in the homes they've spent several years building in the village (or in the city)
This is just an introductory list and I will expand it and drill deeper into each of these items (and more) in 2012.  So, stay tuned ...

Featured Artiste: J.Clone

One mark of a good song is the ability of that song to stick in your head for whatever reason.  Arguably though, a bad song can also be hard to forget for all the wrong reasons ... LOL! J.Clone's song "Run for your life" was on repeat for many days in my head (and on my laptop) soon after I came across it on ReverbNation.  In my brief evaluation of the song below, I will speculate on why this is so.  Meanwhile, here is some brief information on J.Clone:

[J.Clone / ReverbNation]

Artiste's Stage Name: J.Clone

Artiste's Real Name: Jerry Shekwoduza John Dauda

You can listen to the song below:

Finally, my brief evaluation of J.Clone's "Run for your life":

Likes:  Two singular aspects of this song that "get" me everytime are: the lyrics and the beats.  I love the combination because he discusses a very serious topic (Running the race God has set before you because when all is said and done, you'll stand before God and give an account).  It is a sober message and somehow he communicates it well using the beats to get your attention.  The bridge I particularly like because he gets rid of the recurrent beats, repeats the CORE of the message and allows you focus on what he's really trying to say.  It reminds me of a calm in the midst of a storm.  I have no complaints about the background vocals. I love the way he rides on the beats for the hook (you better run for your life).  I gbadun that combination well well.  

Dislikes:  The first thing that could really have been dropped from this song to make it better is the "auto-tune."  It is just plain distracting and it is there in the entire song.  It is there at the very beginning and could really put a person off from listening to the rest of the song.  In addition, the whole introduction of himself at the intro was unnecessary to me sha.  His pronounciation also needs some work.  J.Clone's rap could have been better, but I believe that if he keeps working at it, he can really improve on his rap skills.  There are some brief parts where he sounds like he is stumbling over the beats, but he is able to get back on track.  The recording itself is not very good and actually sounds muddy, but it does not hide the fact that this guy has some real talent.  I definitely want to hear some more of J.Clone's songs in 2012.

J.Clone's song really sums up what your focus should be on this earth.  We are each running this Christian race every single day and we need to remember that in J.Clone's words "the countdown is on."  Do I really need to remind us that we are living in the last days? As we go into 2012, we need to keep our focus on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith and prepare everyday to meet Him.  Remember it makes no sense to gain this whole world and lose your own soul.  It makes absolutely NO sense.  Nothing is worth losing your soul over.

That's it from me y'all.  See you in 2012.  Happy New Year in advance.  God bless you all!

Relocating to Nigeria is a big decision which needs a lot of thought depending on your circumstances. My advice to anyone intending to relocate is to first go on a couple of long visits if you can especially if you've been away for a while. This could possibly enable you re-acclamatise to Nigerian environment.

Wish you the best in whatever you decide to do. Thanks for your contributions to my blog and happy new year.

Honestly, I have considered moving back too just cos I was tired of Job hunting..

Happy 2012 and I am looking forward to more postings


Hehehe ... Thanks, Atilola ... But I didn't say I was coming now ... :D

Aha! I forgot to include that ... the "Job factor" Thanks for mentioning it sef. And honestly, I have seen folks move back for the very reason ... or at least consider it.

Happy 2012 to you too and thanks for your support! There shall be more posts in 2012, by God's grace.  May God bless all the works of your hands this year in Jesus name. Amen.

Yes, Naija4Life, it is a HUGE decision ... one that shouldn't be made hastily, like you pointed out.  Most importantly, it is an individual choice.  The follow-follow mindset won't work here because what has worked for one person may not work for another.  I like your suggestion, as per "testing the waters" by visiting first to get used to it.  For some though, that isn't a choice, for financial and other reasons.

Happy New Year to you too and thanks for the good wishes :-)

I am looking forward to what you have to say on this topic. lol. Moving the Nigeria is a consideration for many lately. It would be nice to read your opinion.

Almost thought you were returning to Naija. Hehe. I tell you the trend is very much in vogue these days. Valid reasons too.

You're looking forward to it? Me too. Lol. Yes, like you rightly observed, more than a few people are now interested in it, and it would be good to address it now.  Thanks for the vote of confidence (as per wanting to read my opinion). 

He he he! Did you? Well .... *looking away* I think it is more than a trend, but I will save my thoughts on that for the actual blog post :-)


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