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I don't know how many ways a person can say "NO" to get the message across.  But for the sake of sanity, let's assume that No means NO! In case you were wondering, I am referring to that dirty word, 'Rape.'  However way you define it, it is non-consensual sex, i.e. whether the victim is a man or a woman, if he or she did not consent to the act, it is rape.

While I don't want to make this post an all-encompassing "let's-discuss-every-possible-aspect-of-rape" post, there is one particular excuse I have heard, one particular justification that irks me to no end, i.e. the victim was dressed provocatively.  I mean, COME ON! Even if a person walks around the streets stark naked, you cannot and should not use that as an excuse to justify rape.  I am all for decency in dressing (more on that later) and really advocate dressing the way you would want to be addressed (cheesy, I know, but you get my point), but we live in a diverse world and we are not all on the same moral frequency.  If a woman (or man) says NO, just assume that the person really means NO and don't go any further.

You can't say that because of the way a woman, for example, is dressed, she "deserves" to be raped.  Nobody "deserves" to be raped, that's why it is a crime.  Nobody gives birth to an innocent baby girl, and at her naming ceremony makes a pronouncement that if at any point in her life her dressing is not "up to par," any man can have his way with her against her will. Or maybe I should qualify that: No SANE person does that. Need I say more? If only people would listen ....

Featured Artiste:  KingJames

Now, I have to admit that I have never heard a name like this before.  I actually thought 'KingJames' was today's featured artiste's stage name ONLY.  A little research has yielded another interesting discovery - it is his REAL name.

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I would love to hear the story of how his parents came to give him this special name, wouldn't you? Or do you know anyone else with this exact name? Pray, do tell if you do! Apart from having a unique name, KingJames describes himself as a singer, songwriter and producer.  In fact, I first encountered him via the video of his song 'Cee Mee.'  But, I am not very fond of that song.  I actually prefer his other song, 'Idiegwu' which features none other than our very own Samsong, featured HERE.  So, here is Idiegwu:


And now for my brief opinion:

Likes: 'Methinks 'tis a nice collabo!  I liked the way both KingJames and Samsong split the song between each other with KingJames repeating certain words over and over again, and Samsong singing more of the Igbo words (names of God, I am guessing).  It was like each person's part fit neatly in the right places, kinda like a plug fits neatly in a socket. That may not be the best illustration, but I think you get my point :-) The songwriting was actually okay (there's always room for improvement, though) and it was not distracting.  The background vocals also blended well, for the most part.  I love how KingJames keeps repeating "Odumegwu Judah" (Is that correct?) It is like an exclamation mark at the end of each mini-section and keeps you anticipating more from him.  I also like how the song ends/fades out, first with the acapella and then the bass guitar and then Samsong's voice.

Dislikes: The intro was very typical, complete with loud beats and shouting.  I felt that was unnecessary and sounded just "overcrowded."  KingJames seemed to be straining his vocals quite early in the song, but I think he recovered later on.  Samsong did not do anything out of the ordinary here.  He delivered a predictable performance, but between him and KingJames, they kept the song interesting at a steady pace.

Finally, some further information on KingJames:

Artiste's Stage Name:  KingJames

Artiste's Real Name: KingJames Ome Agaba

State of Origin: Benue State

ReverbNation Page:

Social Networks:  Facebook|, Twitter|

Featured Album / Song: Enthroned / Idiegwu featuring Samsong

That's all folks. Thanks for stopping by :-)

This rape thing is soo frustrating i tell you. Nothing at all justifies the animalistic act! N.O.T.H.I.N.G

Abi o! Frustrating is the right word to use here.  The fact that anyone would try to justify it alone is just sickening.  But I guess that's the world we live in.

Yes dear no means no, i simply can't understand what can possible be enjoyable in sex you have to force on someone, its sick i tell ya are right the song is quite predictable, but they have nice voices sha.

I wonder too.  That someone would even remotely derive pleasure from such an abomination is disgusting, but there are people who do. *shrugs shoulders*

Aha! So you also noticed the predictability of the song, ba? Good! Just so I am not the only one :-) The combination of their voices does make up for it though.

Rape is a despicable act and cannot be justified. Sadly it happens and can be notoriously difficult to prosecute because at times it's a case of one person's word against another. There's also been cases of wrongful allegations and we've seen this played out in the media on numerous occasions. I believe the starting point is to educate children (especially boys) at an early age to see women as a symbol of love and affection and not just a sex symbol.

For real, rape is despicable.  I agree that prosecution is difficult, but thankfully it can be (and has been) done successfully, in spite of the "He said...she said" scenario that is so typical.  The circumstances surrounding the crime might not be clear-cut but as long as the crime has been committed and there is proof of lack of consent, the wrongdoer should be punished (I said "should be" because justice does not always prevail).  I like your approach though, as per educating young boys to respect and value women rather than objectify them.  That is a step in the right direction ... if we take it.


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