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When I was in secondary school (senior secondary, at least), I participated in a couple of essay competitions.  Of course, I did not win all the time, but I did win a few. Regardless of the outcome of each competition, participating really helped improve my writing skills and made me more inquisitive.  It was a defining point in my life because I realized that I could write and be taken seriously.  But, I would not have participated if I did not KNOW about them.  So knowledge of the competition was key.

In light of this, I have decided to feature any essay competitions I come across on this blog.  I am not sure secondary school students read my blog, but I would like to believe that those who read the blog know secondary school students or university students who might be interested. I mentioned those two levels because for the most part, the competitions require you to be "in school" (secondary, university, etc).  Anyway, enough of my rambling.

UGreen Foundation, an organization based in Ebonyi State, Nigeria has organized a "Change your World" essay contest in honor of the United Nations International Year of Youths, which runs from August 2010 - August 2011.  You can find more details at The Bookaholic Blog.

Please note the following RULES:

a. Any Nigerian resident in Ebonyi state 

b. Must be between 18 and 35 years old. 

c. Not more than 1500 words. 

I guess "Rule A" disqualifies me since I don't live in Ebonyi state (shedding crocodile tears).  Oh well, if you know of anyone who is interested, please pass this on.  Also, please note that you are NOT required to be in school to participate in this competition. All the best!

Thanks for sharing, though I don't qualify. Please, keep us updated. thanks

This is really nice of you. 

I like the new theme too...

Myne Whitman

Nice... I can't remember participating in any essay competition but loads of quiz and debating competitions... lol
No wonder, I love to argue... lol



You're very welcome.  Me too, I don't qualify, but maybe one of these days I will stumble across one you (and I) can participate in.  Thanks for stopping by!


*blushing* .... Just doing my part, I guess.  Thanks for the compliments on the new theme.  Thanks for stopping by!


You know I wouldn't have guessed that you loved to argue.  I wonder if people told you to go into the legal profession (seeing as that's all Nigerians associate "arguing" with).  I never participated in debates o...I was too timid back then.  Quiz competitions? None at all...

Sure, u wldn't. Those close to me know that. lol. Albeit, I don't argue unnecessarily o. You know I am also an academic and daily I'm being trained in the art of arguing my stance amidst several scholarly views. It's becoming a nature. Yes, when I was young, people said, being a lawyer would fit me perfectly but the derogatory sights of the "Art class" then made it out of quest for me. lol


Well, it sounds to me that you are a lawyer in practice! I mean, if you are arguing your stance amidst other scholarly opinions, sir, you are doing what litigators do.  Derogatory sights of the "Art" class ke?  Ha! No further comments on that one.  I wonder at how Nigerians box kids into picking one of three career choices: science, art or commercial.  Is it really that clear-cut? *smh*

Thanks for sharing. I dont qualify but i could pass on the information

Adeola Adeyemo


You're welcome and yes, please pass it on! Me too, I don't qualify :-)

Don't qualify, just wanted to say interesting read.

Peace and blessings.


I am glad you found it interesting.  I also don't qualify, but it's all good, right?! Thanks for stopping by! :-)

Question - off topic:
What font are you using in your header? Love it...


Thank you! It is called Rochester.

Glad you like it!


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