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I recently came across some old pictures of myself and immediate family members from the time when we lived in Nigeria and also shortly after we moved to the US. Apart from the obvious nostalgia that accompanied this discovery (and not to mention seeing how I looked several pounds lighter), it made me wonder at what my philosophies on life were back then. I have a few journal notes that I wrote back then, so I can refer back to those. But for the most part, I have to rely on my memory. I journal a lot more now more than I did back then (and also take a lot more pictures, thanks to the proliferation of digital cameras at affordable prices), so I guess it will help in the long run.

Speaking of pictures, did I ever mention one of my favorite pastimes? I love visiting photo blogs to see pictures of weddings and other events. Pictures speak volumes you know. I particularly find these interesting: pictures of grooms who look trapped and brides who look "triumphant," pictures of a groom crying as his bride walks down the aisle towards him, pictures of the faces of the in-laws as they receive their new daughter or son in a traditional wedding, and of course, pictures of wedding favors and memorabilia with captions like "Nene HOOKS Obinna." (That word "hooks" is so hilarious to say Obinna be fish and Nene be fisherman .... Poor Obi! LOL!)

But I must confess that I would love to see more depictions of everyday life in Nigeria, especially in places like Benue State or Kaduna, etc. It tends to be pretty much Lagos or Abuja or Ibadan these days, but I am sure people in these regions have stories to tell in their everyday lives or experiences that are not being captured. I am also aware of the political unrest in certain parts of Nigeria, so I don’t advocate putting your life in danger just to "capture it." But I believe there are stories we can tell, especially with pictures. Like they say, a picture is worth more than a thousand words.

I also realized that the pictures I am taking today and the journal notes I write daily will serve as points of reference to help me remember just how much I am changing and have changed over the years. Change can be so subtle that we don't realize it until we look back and reflect. So I decided to name this blog post “Capture it” to encourage you (and myself) to capture moments, ideas, thoughts, as much as you can, in any form you can. It can take the form of an audio recording of a song idea, a photograph, notes you scribble in your journal, video diaries, etc. Technology is at our fingertips and we can use it to capture the seemingly mundane things that we experience every day, so that we can appreciate how much progress we have made (or not made) over days, weeks, months and years. You get the picture. That's all I wanted to say today. Well, not quite! I have some music to share with you.

Featured Artiste: Nosa

Nosa is an artiste I would like to describe as a “breath of fresh air” as far as Nigerian gospel music goes. 

Nosa Omoregie / Image Credit: ReverbNation
His single, “I go always pray for you” is a classic that will always remain relevant. If you have not heard it yet, please listen to it HERE. I frankly do not bother myself with the genre of music, i.e. whether it is neo-soul or jazz or a combination of both or something else entirely. I would just rather put it in the category of “really good music.” So today, I would like to share another one of his songs with you, and it is called “Vanity.” As always, I am including some additional information and links to sites where you can find out more about him and his music.

Artiste’s Stage Name: Nosa

Artiste’s Real Name: Nosa Shadrax Omoregie

Connect with Nosa on: Facebook,  ReverbNation, MySpace, I Want Airplay

Featured Song: Vanity

Vanity (Audio):

Have a blessed and awesome week ahead!

Did you say.. "pictures of a groom crying as his bride walks down the aisle towards him..." Hmm... I hope that won't happen to me. lol


LDP, I hope it happens o. LOL! I also pray I'll be there to capture the glorious moment ;-)


Nene hooks Obinna. :-)) Can't stop laughing at that part. I agree with you on capturing moents. I just got me another notepad to capture my thoughts everywhere. Next is a Digicam.



Long time no write! Glad to see you're back.  As per the notepad and digicam, yay! That's the spirit! LOL @ Nene hooks Obinna, ba? Thank God it was just "hooked." I can think of several other words that would have made it a lot worse :))


Yes, that's what I said o.  There's nothing wrong with that now.  I am sure the sight of Dudushewa walking down the aisle towards you could bring tears to your a good way, of course! Tears of joy, man.  Embrace your emotional side...LOL!

I love the song
A breath of fresh air. I'm so tired of 'swagger' and 'shake-that-ass' music

Naijamum in London


I am glad you loved the song.  LOL @ "swagger" and "shake-that-ass" music.  I know what you mean (and I especially detest that word "swagger" ... yuk!)  I find that I tend to "meditate" on what I listen to, so I try to be very selective and of course, swagger music does not make the cut. Thanks for stopping by!

Relentless! long time! love the bit about journal-ing (don't think that's a word). I've kept a journal since I was about 16, and every time I look back at some of the stuff I wrote and the things I used to worry about, I'm amazed! You know, boys, exams, university, career, etc. The great thing is that God brought me through all of that and some of it seems so insignificant now. I still keep a journal of answered prayers, and poignant moments in my life- I hope it gets published some day, perhaps when I'm no longer here (I know, what a nice way to think right?) but if not, I hope my daughter (the one I plan to have in the future of course) will read it and have some sort of heads-up on what life can throw at one! By the way, check out my birthday post and give me some ideas! Keep blogging!

I was looking through my folder for pictures and was taken on a journey over the past two years, so I totally agree with you. I love Naijatreks blog cos he goes around and he takes pictures. 

Myne Whitman

Abeg o, no make am worse. ehn, Biko!



Longest time, ba? Been a while since you stopped by.  I don't know if journaling is a word too, but I use it often.  So in my special dictionary, it's a word! Your journal sounds a lot like mine (especially the part about boys and university).  Noawadays, I worry about other things (needless to say the boys have morphed into men).  A journal of answered prayers? Now, that's something I haven't heard before.  I think I just might "borrow" that idea from you (or maybe I should use past tense since it's a done deal in my mind sha).  

LOL  @ your journal getting published after you've completed your days here.  Why not while you're alive? But I guess that's how it usually works out (post-humous publication).  I see you're already planning on how your daughter will read your journal.  Now, that's a thought.  What about your sons? Are you assuming they won't be able to relate? Don't mind me.  I am thinking out loud...again.  I have given you birthday post ideas o! Please let me know which of them you find useful.  Thanks for stopping by!


Only two years?  I was expecting it to go much farther back! LOL! Yes, pictures have a way of telling stories that words cannot describe as well.  I have never heard of Naijatreks blog, but now I will visit.  Thanks for stopping by!


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