Versatile Blogger Award [Featured Artistes: Tolu Okeowo / Kelechi Ify]

It is always nice to have your work appreciated, and that is precisely what the lovely Toinlicious did when she gave me the “Versatile Blogger” award.  Thank you so much, Toinlicious.  I truly appreciate this.  As you kuku know, there must be a catch somewhere, and in this case, the “catch” is more like a set of conditions, i.e.
  • Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.
  • Share 7 things about yourself.
  • Pass this Award along to 15 recently discovered blogs and let them know about it

I know I just met the 1st condition, but I feel almost a compulsion to do it again… So, from my anonymous but truly grateful heart, thank you again Toinlicious! (I almost wanted to add “Ile ise yin o ni jona o” (Your workplace will not go up in flames) until I remembered where I was – Blogsville).

Now, for the rest of the conditions….

7 Random Things about Relentless 
  1. I cannot decide which of the Nigerian comedians I love the most.  I have an even harder time deciding which one of them is the funniest, but I tend to gravitate towards these people: Basket mouth, He I go die, Julius Agwu and of course, Helen Paul (in Helen’s voice: “Ayam NOT tayad of being a fine geh!”) 
  2. I have been called a Pan-Africanist.  I am not sure I agree.
  3. I cannot stand dreads (a.k.a “Dada” hair).  Long, short, medium … I no like am! If you dye it again, you haff fall my hand!
  4. Cooking is very therapeutic for me.  I have gotten some really good ideas while preparing a pot of stew. 
  5. I love discovering new Nigerian gospel music artistes (and buying their albums), particularly the ones nobody has ever heard of. 
  6. My guitar’s name is Gbenga because I literally “gbe” (carry it) to play it … him *winks* (or at least “pretend” to play it…him).
  7. I love acquiring (abi she na “collecting”) classic Nollywood movies (both English and Yoruba), and of course watching them. 

15 Recently Discovered Blogs

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Featured Artistes: Tolu Okeowo & Kelechi Ify

The reason why I have two names in the Featured Artiste section today is because the song in question (Ihunanya) is actually  on Tolu Okeowo’s “A Perfect Progression” Album, but Kelechi Ify is the one who actually sings the song (and plays the guitar too).  So, I thought it would only be fair to put both their names here.  Ihunanya is a beautiful song in Igbo, and although at first I did not know what the words meant, I still fell in love with the song.  I finally came across the lyrics (and translation) on Tolu Okeowo’s blog a few months ago and the song has an even deeper meaning to me now that I actually know what Kelechi is singing about.  Here are the lyrics to Ihunanya, courtesy of Tolu Okeowo (

Ihunanaya nemetu m obi (Your love touches my heart)
Onwu I nwuru nobe nemetu m obi (Your death on the cross touches my heart)
Ibe namara gi o nemetu m obi (Your grace touches my heart)
Akwa I kwara nobe nemetu m obi (Your tears on the cross touch my heart)
E mere gi ogbe kodiri m nma (You were made poor & humiliated so it could be well with me)
Ihunanaya nemetu m obi (Your love touches my heart)
Ihunanaya nerue m obi (Your Love pierces my soul)
Ndu I nyere muo nemetu m nobi (The life you’ve given me touches my heart)
Onye kworo muo nemetu m nobi (The one who carried me touches my heart)

Tolu Okeowo / ReverbNation
Now, for some brief information on these two talented gentlemen:

Artiste’s Stage Name:  Tolu Okeowo [Tolu is actually a music producer, director and composer]

Artiste’s Real Name:  Tolu Okeowo

Official Website:

Official Blog:

Featured Album / Song:  A Perfect Progression / Ihunanya

Purchase Information: Itunes, Amazon

Kelechi Ify / MySpace
Artiste’s Stage Name: Kelechi Ify [Kelechi is also a music producer, multi-instrumentalist and music minister)

Artiste’s Real Name: Kelechi Ify? (I doubt that Ify is his last name, but I don’t know it, so….)

Official Website:

Finally, here is a live recording of the song, Ihunanya, performed by Kelechi Ify and the Hill City Mass Choir in London (I prefer this version to the actual recorded version on the CD).  Enjoy and have a blessed week!

Ihunanya Video:

Relentless builder, I thank you so very very much for passing the versatile blogger award to me. It means so much to me and i really reallyu appreciate it. Thanks for deeming me worthy. You take care of urself for us all, okay

amaka obi

LMAO @ Ile ise yin o ni jona. Thanx luv and ur always welcome. i soo love Helen Paul too. She just cracks me up every single time. Ah, dat dada somthing, about 6 years ago, i went crazy-in-love with it and made the mistake of mentioning it to my mom while we were watching a 9ja movie together, she answered with "ah, why to she fe copy were now" (meaning, y do you wana copy a mad person..she totally spoiled it for me. i still love it but that comment killed d obsessive part of the love smh)


LOL! What a hilarious response.


Hey dearie, congrats on ya award. You got me laughing at the 'ile ise yin oni jona o'. And 'now 'Gbenga'. :-))

As for me, I'm indifferent on the 'dada' thing sha. Though I know, it just varies on how well the person carrying it takes good care of it.


Thanks for the award hun. Hilarious post. Sometimes, 'dada' creeps me out too. Especially the natural ones. Like hian!
Bless you!

Lily Johnson

 Thank you for the award, RB. Although you have given me work..... LOL!!!!


You're welcome, Amaka.  My pleasure! I hope all is well with you.  I will be on the lookout for your entry.  Thanks for stopping by!

*curtsies* Thanks a bunshes, Toinlicious! Helen Paul is just in a category all by herself.  I keep replaying that scene where she is removing those wigs from her head one by one.  I can never forget it.  As for the dada hair, I couldn't stop laughing at your mum's reaction.  "O fe copy were" ... LOL! She took the words right out of my mouth.  That was just classic.  Seriously though, I think what she said describes the general way that hairstyle is still viewed in Naija.  As for me, there's no irun were on the horizon at all.  Thanks for visiting o jare!

Mikey Mike, thanks o jare.  The "ile ise yin o ni jona" part came from my days of watching NTA Channel 7 Ikeja ... before they shut it down :(
But that was so random, I know.  Gbenga has been introduced.  He might be featured again later ... Watch this space.

So, you're indifferent to dada hair? No wahala.  I go query you again in a few years to see if your response has changed.  *eyebrows raised*

You're welcome, Lily.  I am glad you got a laugh out of the post.  Dada hair is one of those things I am not willing to try, no matter how adventurous I want to be.  So, that makes two of us.  Bless you too!

You're welcome, Ore.  LOL @ work.  It's true sha, but it's for a good cause now.  I will be on the lookout o to get to know you a bit berra.

awww, thanks a million for the award, I truly and really appreciate 

Akua Priscilla Yeboah

You're very welcome, Priscy! My pleasure.  Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks for  tagging me, I seriously appreciate....and I soo love the song, i actually used to have a room mate, Ihunanya!

Uzoma Ikechukwu

First let me thank you for stopping by, contributing and following my two blogs. I'll definitely reciprocate the gesture. I have to say I genuinely like your blog design, it has a very welcoming feel about it.

I really enjoyed reading about you above, you sound like an interesting person :)

You're very welcome, Uzoma! I'm glad you appreciate the song o.  I didn't know Ihunanya was also a person's name. Hmmm! We learn new things everyday, ba? Thanks for stopping by!

You are so welcome.  The pleasure is all mine.  Finding a blog that discusses the same issues I am interested in is rare, so you can be sure I will visit regularly.  Thanks for following back, by the way, and for the nice comments on the blog design and blog post.

Thanks for  tagging me, I seriously appreciate...

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