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Have you ever received a gift that was specially crafted for you or at least “seemed” like it was specially made for you because it was somehow personalized? It may have been a gift that had your name engraved on it or something that was literally made from scratch for you alone like a painting / drawing of yourself.  If you have, then maybe you know the warm, fuzzy feeling (LOL) you get from that gesture (if you haven’t, “Klismas” is around the corner, so you know what to do *wink*)

Thinking of personalized gifts made me think of the names of God, i.e. the names we use to describe God.  In a lot of songs, we tend to hear the same names repeated over and over again e.g. Ubangiji, Alagbada ina, Alawotele orun, Igwe, Abasi, etc.  I don’t even know what some of these names mean, but I embrace them as long as I know they are somehow ascribing glory to God.  So what names do you personally use to describe God?  I think your answer would reflect the way you view God and your own personal experience of who God is to you.  I also believe that you can create a special name for God that no one else uses and that can help to build intimacy in your own private worship life.

Speaking of personal names for God, I came across a special one about a year ago.  I found the name on the blog of a young woman called ‘Motara who is also the featured artiste in today’s post.  The funny thing is that as at the time I stumbled on her blog, Eagles’ Corner ( she had not yet released the single which is featured today, and I did not even know she was a gospel artiste.  The name she used to describe God was "Obarikiyatan" (O-ba-rin-ki-iya-tan) meaning God is the one you'll walk with and a sure end comes to your suffering.  In other words, your walking with HIM guarantees you an end to suffering.  That name really struck me and that was the day I realized that the words you use to describe God are fluid, i.e. you can change them.  You have the power to create, just like He does.  

Featured Artiste: 'Motara

'Motara / ReverbNation
Well, like I already mentioned above, today’s featured artiste is ‘Motara. Her song “Oba Ni” features Michael Abdul of Midnight Crew and the music video was directed by Tolucci who was featured in a previous post.  Please listen to the audio and watch the video (Or if you want you can watch the audio and listen to the video *sticks out tongue*) of “Oba Ni” before reading my review:

Oba Ni (Audio):

Oba Ni (Video):

So after listening to “Oba Ni,” here are my likes and dislikes:

Likes: The introduction caught my attention and I liked the “La-la-la-la” part.   I like the names of God that she uses in the song.  Michael Abdul did not disappoint (sometimes these "collabos" don't work, you know) and his part actually fit well with the general flow of the song (LOL at “ATM o ni ki lo de!”)  The harmony of the background voices was good, i.e. they did not sound off-key.  The end was good because I did not expect it to end that way.  The adlibs were used properly and put in the right places.  And of course, I loved the names of God she used, some of which I mentioned above.

Dislikes:  The instrumentals / background music and the backup vocals were quite loud, especially at the introduction, and seemed to be competing with the soloist (‘Motara).  In some places, they even drowned out her voice.  I wished she had used some other less common names of God and had extended the “oriki” part a bit longer.

If you would like to find out more about ‘Motara, please see the information below:

Artiste’s Stage Name: ‘Motara

Artiste’s Stage Name: Oluwatoyin Omotara

Connect with ‘Motara: Facebook, MySpace, Twitter

That’s all folks! Enjoy the rest of your week!

I agree, the name we give to God often reflects how we see Him and of course, how we relate with Him. I call him, Obaadurotinilojoisoro - He is the king that stays with/comforts me even in my lowly estate.

I have listened to this song before and I loved it; espcially the Mike Abdul part! Awesome song! I just love Mike Abdul sha, maybe cos I can sing gospel fuji too. lol


Haven't really heard of Mike Abdul funny enough. I also love the concept of customized names for my wonderful God. It just has this closeness 'feel' and spices up our creativity in our worship lives.


Just saw the video, I actually know Mike Abdul but just couldn't link the name to the face. Nice song but I haven't listened to everything yet.

1) "Obarikiyatan" wow! This name is awesome ke.
2)I'm liking this Mike person o "Iya eleko o wa sin owo" lol.Loved his "ajasi" gaan.
3)I actually had tears in my eyes for this song (dnt know wat is wrong with never-cries-Toin these days o and aunt flow is not around and i am not pregos lol) anyways, we tend to take God for granted and this song just reminded me i got a million things to be thankful for.

On a lighter note, the intro of that video en, she doesn't need to build her arms @d gym ke. she should have been working her trunk/belly/love-handle areas. maybe doing push-ups or stuff like that lol #runningaway

Nice Song so far, it keeps hanging, maybe it's my network

Emmm ... Prof, I need to digest this name you call God o .. E sweet well well! I am sure God appreciates you calling HIM that (I no go carry last ... I must go and "compose" my own too! Ki lo de!)

So you've heard the song before? That's good! Michael Abdul is like a spice - if you sprinkle him on the right type of food, the taste will improve :-) #runsaway


So when will we hear a sample of your own gospel fuji o? We are waiting ....

I for say (as per not knowing Michael Abdul), but it is possible sha.  I agree; calling God by a name you personally know Him by somehow makes our worship much more special.

It happens to the best of us *shinning teeth*

When you get a chance, please listen to the whole song :-)

Oh, oh :-(  Network issues are so not cool .... I am glad you like it so far though and I hope you get a chance to listen to it in its entirety.

1.  Yes ke! That is a powerful name!
2.  It's hard to "not like" Mike.  Even if you don't like Fuji music in general, you'll like the way he sings it.  The guy is too mush!3.  What? Tears in your eyes? Awwwww! That's the first time I have heard you say that (about any song here) LOL @ Aunty Flow and not being preggos (or is it preggers?! That one na anoda tory)  Yes, we have a lot to be thankful for.  I for one am grateful for 'Motara helping to change the way I see God.

As far as the video goes, I had A LOT to say, but I just did not.  When the time comes, maybe I will critique these music videos.  But for a first video, I think it was okay.  

As for the gym scene, Ha! Toin, na you talk am o.  I won't even say nada! You berra not run away o ... Wait for Motara to catch you! *laughing*!!!Just seeing this. Well done relentless builder!!! God bless you all ooo. 'Motara


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