Who or What is the Relentless Builder?

Grinning Fulani girl

I updated my "About" section.  If you have ever wondered what or who 'The Relentless Builder' is, then you should definitely check it out.

Click on the "About" tab or just click HERE.


*sigh* See me rushing here thinking I wee see her face. Relentless sora e o! lol!

Honestly you are just a case,that is all i can say...coffee table ke?...lol

Same here o. I thought I would see her face too, lol.

Lol...relentless you used 'agbari' for us

*Puts feet on the coffee table*
*side eye* whatchagondobourrit huh? After making me usain-bolt to the about section. I should have known you were messing with us. Naughty you. Anyway, good to know you're not a carpenter because honestly, that was the first mental image i got in my head after i heard that name. The first was that it was a guy's blog (don't shoot me please)

Now activating project-uncover-Relentless *rubs hands together....*

@Toinlicious, I am with you on that quest jare..."project-uncover-Relentless" @relentless just watch out for us you hear...lol

Michael: I have no idea what you're referring to. I mean, I just updated my "About" page, that's all. *runs out of reach from imminent flogging*

Jemima: Yes now, the coffee table right in front of the sofa. I can see it now, can't you? *wink*

Barbara: *pretends to not know what Barbara is referring to* What? My real face ke? Now, why would I want to do a thing like that? Lol!

Dayor: Agbari ... Is that what 'this' is called nowadays? Oh my ... Even then, I have no idea what you mean *runs even faster from Dayo's grasp*

Toinlicious: *uses three thick rubber bands to pack hair away from eyes, rubs eyes with hands seven times, before yelling* What am I seeing? Whose legs are these on my coffee table? Oh no ... *flashes 2012-complaint cane in front of Toinlicious a few times to induce cooperation*

LOL! You're not the first person to assume I was a man. Something about the name "Relentless" and "Builder" doesn't make one think of roses and perfume, ba?

As for Project Uncover Relentless, knock yourself out ... after sparing the coffee table *pops collar and proceeds to wipe the same coffee table*

Priscy: Ahhh, you too? Don't tell me you're with Toinlicious on this? Looks like I have to double my anonymous cover.

I am definitely watching out for you ladies!


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