Said the Squirrel: "Many hotdogs are within you"

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Have you seen the new Pepto Bismol advertisement? What?! You mean you didn't know that Pepto Bismol now comes in a handy pocket size? Goodness.  We have to fix that.  Well, you don't have to hoist that bottle of pink around with you anymore.  Oh no.  It is now portable.  I'll keep quiet now, and let the squirrel do the talking.  

I have to admit that I love the new advert.  I just find myself wondering about the squirrel, you know.  I can imagine how it got into the fridge and I am not too alarmed that it is a talking animal.  After all, it is perfectly normal to meet talking animals everyday, right?

But, the most pressing question, the thing that makes me wonder is this: How did it know that this man had that many hotdogs in his belly? *shrugs* You tell me.

Hahaha, so random and funny!


I laughed so much the first time I saw that ad, LOL...

Nollywood Reinvented: Me too? They get better and better.

Myne: I can't even admit how many times I have replayed it in my mind. Lol!


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