Does Cultism Really Start in Secondary School?

I was listening to a radio program recently and some of the listeners mentioned this: they joined secret cults in secondary school.  Their teachers knew, but their parents had no clue.

How come?

And since when did secondary students start joining cults?

Honestly, this was the first time I had heard this.  I was used to hearing of students in universities and polytechnics parading their schools campuses openly declaring they were cultists. Unfortunately, that is normal.  In fact, there are students who join these cults at their parents' insistence (for real).  So, it's not just a "student" problem.

But why on earth would secondary school students join secret cults? What happened to computer club and debate society? (Lol! You can just tell how old-fashioned I am, but seriously ....)

I guess it makes sense when you look at it this way: cults are essentially gangs.  And gangs target young people.  Secondary school students range from ages 9 to 18 (that's a very conservative estimate.  I am sure kids much younger than 9 years old are making it to secondary school).  At this age, they are vulnerable, impressionable and highly susceptible to peer pressure.

So, if secondary school students are joining cults, what can we expect for primary school students? Nursery school, nko? Okay, that's really pushing it, but you get my point: young kids are being recruited to join secret cults.

Maybe this is a case for home schooling, but you know, you cannot insulate children from everything. And parents cannot follow their children to school.  But, they can ensure they are several steps ahead of these bad influences, and prepare their children to deal with it when the "temptation" or pressure comes.

Have you heard of secret cults in secondary schools before?  Please share.

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Although I've never heard of cults in secondary school, I can imagine. Even in America sef, middle school students are targets of gang initiations.

It's so sad. There are many evils parents cannot even fathom as they did not experience it during their time and unless it's brought to their attention, they won't know. Prayer is essential. The world can be such a frightening place.


Dayo: Ah, it's good that you mentioned middle school gangs o. It looks like they're targeting them younger and younger nowadays. But maybe it was always that way, except that now with the internet, we "hear" about these cases more often.

Omo, prayer is essential like you said, but parents must combine prayer with vigilance o. This world is increasingly dangerous for young kids.

Thanks for commenting :)

I laughed at the Nursery bit. That will be pushing it but like you said these days anything is possible, sadly. I heard rumors of the Naija University kinda cult occurring in secondary schools. But talking of gangs, that was sadly normal in some secondary schools I won't mention.

Parenting has never been tougher in these days but God will surely help our future fathers and mothers who are currently pouting on Instagram.

Michael: *holding my sides and laughing* Chei! You have finished them! As a pouter myself (though not necessarily on Instagram), I intend to increase my pouting with a vengeance ... And it has everything to do with your comment. Lol!

Seriously though, God will help us, but we need to stay informed too.

Thanks for commenting. :-)

I attended a public school for my junior seondary school, and there was an alarming rate of cultism. To the extent that one of my classmates was knifed to death when they fought a rival cult in another public school. I didn't experience the same in the private school I attended for my SS, so I don't know if it relates to a person's socio-economic status

Fresh angle

Fresh Angle: Can you believe it? Knifed to death in secondary school? How terrible!

Thanks so much for shedding more light on this, and particularly for making the distinction. I went to a federal government girls' college, and it was unheard of. But who knows what kids are doing nowadays?

It might be a socio-economic issue like you said, but even at the university level kids from all sorts of backgrounds (rich, poor, middle class) are involved in cultism.


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