Post "SS" Beef [Featured Artiste: 'Motola]

Behold a “rant-and-rave” blog post! (*giggles*) The title of this entry notwithstanding, I am not about to launch into an in-depth analysis of beef and its many qualities and uses.  And no, I am not about to lay out the recipe for banga soup either….LOL! Okay, enough with the intrigue already! “SS” here stands for “Secondary School.”  I must have mentioned secondary schools a couple of times on this blog, but what I neglected to mention was the name of the one I attended.  I am still not ready to disclose that, but I do have a bone of contention with certain “admirers” (Oh, I’m sorry! I do believe I misspelt that word! I actually meant to spell this one: H-A-T-E-R-S! LOL! Or like Yoruba folks who swallow their “H” would pronounce it, ‘ATERS’)

I attended a well-known federal government college in Nigeria, and while I have never had a problem with that, I have noticed that more than a few people do.  

My experience in Nigeria AND surprisingly, here in the US, is that people often ask me what secondary school I attended (no one really asks about primary school) and as soon as I say the name of the school, the comments start rolling in.  By the time I give examples, I suspect you may probably guess at the school sef….LOL!  Oya, here are examples of reactions:

Reactions from Ladies:

Oh, you attended XYZ school? Girls from that school are too proud.  They “feel” too much! They are all “bubblers!” By the way, do you know [insert name of random person here]? She graduated in 20XX.

(*scrunching up nose and eyeing me without reservation*) Those XYZ girls are so wild! I heard that they raped one guy [insert name of random, poor, unfortunate, and often fictitious guy here]

Reactions from Guys:

There was one XYZ school girl who lived on my street and she was such a snob.  No matter how many times I said “Hi” she never even answered me (My thoughts: My guy, you probably asked her out and she gave you a HOT (Did I mention “HOT”?) Ela…Get over it jo!)

At the risk of sounding harsh, I just always want to yell “Get over it” to those folks who ask these questions, because for the love of God, those days are far behind us and those were teenage years. Come on! So much has happened between now and then that it should no longer be an issue.  I don’t know if you have faced it, but I go through it regularly (*smh*).  There! Now that I have said it I feel much better.  What has your own experience been? Do people hound you for the name of your secondary school (I think it’s pretty childish and shows some insecurity) and then go ahead to crucify you for attending the school?

Featured Artiste: 'Motola

As always, I want to end this blog post with a Nigerian gospel artiste whose music I have enjoyed.  Today, I want to introduce ‘Motola to you. 


I first stumbled across ‘Motola on ReverbNation sometime last year (How accurate *sarcastic smirk*) when I heard her song “Nobody.” Then, this year I found out more about her and my respect for her increased, mostly because she basically gave up a lucrative and successful business career to pursue gospel music full-time.  I love reading stories like this because I believe that people share valuable parts of their lives through their music. The song I am sharing with you is called “Reach for the Stars” and it features Segun Obe, another Naija gospel musician.  I hope this song inspires and encourages you to dream, believe and act. Okay, let me stop here, but before I leave, here is some information on ‘Motola and her music. Enjoy!

Artiste’s Stage Name: ‘Motola

Artiste’s Real Name:  Omotola Oloyede-Oyebanjo

Featured Song:  Reach for the Stars (featuring Segun Obe)

Inside Scoop on Artiste:  PraizHouse

Reach for the Stars (Audio):

Reach for the Stars (Video):

Have a splendid week!

Images From:  ReverbNation, Stock.Xchng, Flickr

LOL... I attended 2 SS. One Federal Govt College in the North and the other in the south. Erm... cos my schools (well, except for the govt college) were not really for the ajebotas.. no one ever hated on my school; just that we always come on top of most competitions then in Oyo State. So we always compete with the big schools like Wesley, Loyola, Command Day sec sch. I remember a year we busted Loyola out of the Lam Adesina International Debating competition - I was the chief speaker... it was awesome! Anyway.. those days sha.. thanks for bring back memories.

I like Omotola's reaching for the stars but there was this point she seem to have taken the key to high and struggled. haha. I sing too so.. I can tell.


All this  beef about secondary school? Ha ha ha
I went to an 'aje-butterish' sec school BUT I was def not an ajebo.
To be honest, as you grow older, the questions will be more about what uni you went to ....
The singer was impressive

Naijamum in London

I went to a Federal school as well..... hahahah... I am probably one of the "haters" when it come to Odogbolu girls, all with good reasons of course. lol. On a more serious note Secondary school drama should be dead and over.



First off, LOL @ your reaction to Motola's song, because the same thought came to my mind when I heard it the first time.  I know the EXACT part you are referring to (me too, I sing o!) and it just diminished the quality of the song.

So you attended 2 secondary schools in 2 opposite parts of the country? Na you biko! You're lucky you don't get harassed for attending an ajebota-ish school.  At the very least, even if anyone had anything to say, it would be for the Debate competition, which is a good thing. I didn't take part in any debate competitions sha....I was too shy for such, back then!

Naijamum in London:

Ha! Yes, all this beef (and more sef) about secondary school, believe it or not! In fact, this is the censored / PG-13 version....LOL!

So you went to an ajebota-ish secondary school? But you were not an ajebota? That sounds a lot like me! People assume though that if you attend such a school, you HAVE to be an ajebota, forgetting that people from different backgrounds and social strata attend such schools.  

I have not yet faced the uni questions, but I see that happening very soon (more stuff to rant and rave about *sigh*)

I am glad 'Motola impressed you!


LOL at you being one of the "haters."  I refuse to believe this! You're too sweet to do such a thing...LOL! Please repent and sin no more, I implore you, on behalf of the innocent Odogbolu girls :-)

And for real, I also thought all that drama should be over, but for some people, I guess it just started (*smh*)

LOL I use to be one of the haters but its often short-lived when I get to know them..
I still kinda have bias towards QC girls when I hear of them but I am yet to meet any since my high school days.So I guess I don't any more.

I ask such questions if I become close to them but a first time bases wetin cosign me. Ehm the question I ask is oh where are you from (country). Then if you are Nigerian I like to know where you are from and where you grew up..I get excited seeing Nigerians particularly the rare breeds (Efik e.t.c) especially in this part of the world. Plus it helps to start of a conversation like learning about the person..

Nice song btwn

Tahahaha! I actually haven't (been lucky to?) come across any 'haters' for a long while. Remember those days like yesterday. If anything, the main beef would be with Uni. All of them should be flogged sef.

The song is nice. 2:39 gave me goosebumps, don't now why.
And she should have cut out the phone number place, I think.


Unveiling Gold:

Welcome and thanks for stopping by!

"Used to be" .... Well, that sounds like you've turned over a new leaf in that respect, and that's a good thing :-)

*Ahem*....Did you say QC girls? (*clears throat again*) Ah, what did they do to you nah?! LOL! I can't believe you haven't met any since your high school days, but I can also see how that is possible.  Abeg, take them individually ehn...They are not all pompous and snobbish.

As far as the questions you ask, that seems to be my own strategy too, as per the line of questioning.  I also get excited when I meet Nigerians here, but it is a double-edged sword, i.e. it has its good and bad sides.

I am glad you liked the song! :))


So you haven't had the "rare privilege" of meeting haters recently? Well, count yourself lucky o! I have not really faced uni beef yet, except when I sometimes mention the uni I briefly attended in Naija before coming here.  Other than that sha, uni beef has been almost non-existent compared to SS beef.  

As per the flogging, I concur 100%!

The song gave you goosebumps? Interesting! That's the first time I have heard that in relation to this song.  I guess that's your own personal experience with the song then. :-)

As for the phone number part, I actually thought it was okay.  Or was that your number she was dialing?! LOL!

hahaha I can guess you went to QC..lmao!  i didnt go to school in naija so i always get the ohhh so you dont know!



LOL! Was it so obvious that I was referring to QC?! I should try to be more subtle next time! LOL! It was probably all the coughing and chuckling that exposed me.

So you didn't go to school in Naija (*insert the "so you don't know anybody look here*) ... LOL! Don't mind me jare.  I would never have guessed at all. Plus, it does not matter anymore.  You should counter it with this recommended look, i.e. the "Oh so you went to school in Naija! Eia" look, shake your head slowly, look a bit sad (just a bit) and walk away...That should do the trick! :))

P.S.  Please don't quote me on this o!


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