What Name Do You Call Your Grandfather?

You must have seen this coming.  I mean, how could I possibly ask what name(s) you call your grandmother(s) without asking about grandfathers too?

Let me paint the disastrous scenario: A Nigerian grandfather is browsing the internet, pipe or snuff box in one hand, the other hand is working the keyboard or mouse.  By some miracle, he stumbles on my blog.  He has been searching for a new name to call his sweetheart: Grandma.

He quickly scans my blog and discovers to his chagrin that I only dedicated a post to grandmothers.  No similar post for grandfathers.

Upset ... No, livid with anger, he contacts the President of the Association for the Advancement of Nigerian Grandfathers' Rights, and they send me a carefully-worded e-mail.  They "CC" the National Pipe Smokers' Association, who inevitably inform the Federal Snuffbox Carrying Giants of Nigeria of my error.  No, they're not really giants.  They're just people who have been using snuff for longer than Nigeria has had her independence.

... Should I continue? I mean, this is all fictitious, and ... Whatever! I shall continue jare!
In their letter, they tell me in no uncertain terms that what I have done amounts to gender discrimination, and that I must correct my mistake within 30 days.

So, you see, instead of waiting for all this drama to unfold and another 30 days of additional drama, let me just kuku do what I know I should do.  Get it?

Okay, so here's the deal.  I already told you what names I call both my maternal and paternal grandmothers right? Today, I'm asking the same question, except ... No ... wait for it ... it relates to grandfathers instead! My goodness! I really hid the ball, didn't I?

*grinning sheepishly*

So, for my grandfathers, I used to call them the following names (they've both gone home to rest):

Maternal Grandfather: I called him Grandpa
Paternal Grandfather:  I called him Baba

As you can see the names I called them mirror the names I call/called my grandmothers too.  I suspect the same is true for you guys too, but we shall see.

So, what name(s) do you call your grandfathers? Do they / Did they smoke pipes and/or use snuff?  

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Sekuru. I am Zimbabwean.... Shona to be exact.


LOL! RB!! *phew* thank God you rectified this promptly.. Imagine the scandal!

I called my Maternal grandpa 'Baba' and my Paternal Grandpa 'Alhaji' I think.

I call my maternal Grandma 'Mama' and my Paternal grandpa 'Alhaja' lol


1 + The One

ChuweChuwe: You know I was going to ask if you what tribe you were from after your response to the grandmother post. Sekuru ... Nice! I can't call my grandfathers that though since they've gone home :-( Thanks for sharing.

1 + The One: Sacre bleu! Imagine the scandal! Lol! It has been averted. We should celebrate :D

Alhaji and Alhaja ... Looks like I'm not the only one with a muslim background. Thanks for sharing.

I'm sorry to hear that hun. Mine are too and one must take comfort in the thought that they are in a better place.


Lol @ the illustration of a grandfather browsing the internet.. funny. Never knew my paternal grandfather and barely knew my maternal grandfather.. don't have memories of calling him grandpa or anything else..


AY: Picture it now ... I am sure that right now, somewhere in the world, it is happening. Don't ask me to prove it sha ;-)

Sorry to hear that you didn't know/barely knew your grandfathers. Sounds like that was not the case with your grandmothers. Something to be thankful for, right?


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